Ammaco Viper 18 Juniors Boys Mountain Bike

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Front & Rear V Brakes

Six Shimano Gears

Alloy Hardtail Frame

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Ammaco Viper 18 Juniors Boys Mountain Bike

Let face it, youngsters are in reality curious about mountain bikes. For our kid’s imagination, a motor will become a brilliant-energy. Now combine the initial fascination and the present of a splendid-power and also you’ll end up with the choicest antidote for whining, frustration, and strops. The result is an ideal recipe for motivation!

Ammaco viper 18 mountain bike significantly reduces the much-dreaded skill and performance gaps, allowing kids to enjoy bike trip, at the same time as maintaining up with the grown-ups. The protection component is sorted by means of mainly tailor-made engine-settings.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Ammaco Viper 18 Juniors Boys Mountain Bike


Difficulty over the Viper bike being too heavy? Ammaco Viper 18 is available in clean mechanized accessibility which gives mild-weight in dimension and easy to mobilise.



Ammaco Viper 18 assembling isn’t plenty of a piece for use. It comes from the producer with 90% off assembled and most effective requires little work in arrangements which can be done by oneself or with help of a knowledgeable person


Alloy body

The hydroformed alloy hardtail frame is lightweight and constructed to withstand the hard use via children, at the same time as the zoom front suspension forks functions makes it easy to your infants to fit on and grow with the motorbike. Zoom front suspension forks capabilities air-sprung tour for easy terrain to your toddler.


Hydroformed alloy hardtail frame

Zoom the front suspension forks

Front & Rear V-brakes

Riser MTB handlebars

Wheel size 18

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 92%

”  The Ammaco Viper 18 Juniors Boys Mountain Bike Offers Brilliant Value. I Cant Wait To Surprise My Son.” Warren


Customer Satisfaction

Riding a Viper18 bike is all approximately freedom, so no matter your age, your little one must never feel inhibited through wherein they could and can not journey. Viper 18 bike resolve the hassle.

With wheels 18, your kid might be able to rip and rock on any terrain that they come across. It handles the bumps and hills of mountain biking with ease. The tires are the hallmark of the bike, delivering traction, manipulate, and self-belief in spades. The custom suspension fork, in the meantime, absorbs all of the hard stuff that comes with riding off-street.

In the end, with the powerful mechanical disc the front/rear brakes, and a low stand over that each one, however, ensures a really perfect match, you could relaxation assured that the Ammaco Viper 18 is the precise recipe for a laugh that your own family has been looking for.

The substantial majority of Ammaco Viper 18 already come with lightweight aluminium frames, enormously huge tyres and flat handlebars, which offer a pleasing upright driving function and area controls consisting of brake and tools levers within smooth attain.

Common Questions

What weight size is Ammaco E-mountain bike Viper 18?

Ammaco Viper 18 comes with lightweight aluminum frames and size 11.


Does it come assembled?

It requires little knowledge frame work in assembling, it comes 90% assembled.


How robust is the mountain bike?

The bike is for good cycling.


How sturdy are the brakes?

It has strong and Powerful Front and Rear brakes.


Is the motorcycle top adjustable?

The bike has an adjustable handlebars and proof tyres.


Final Comments


If you are searching for mountain bike in preference to just an amazing standard-use kids’ bike, it is able to be that your infant has expressed a few hobbies in mountain motorcycle racing. Think about the things that make up a good person’s mountain motorbike — light-weight frame with suitable stand-over clearance, sturdy construct, grippy tyres, superb manipulate — and you’ll realize that they’re the identical things that any accurate children’s bike want too, then Ammaco Viper 18 is your pleasant bet.

Kids’ mountain bike simply take some of those factors to one-of-a-kind degree, however, the basic and maximum important aspect regarding the suitability of any children’s bike remains equal in shape. Some things type of kids’ motorcycle you are shopping for it’s essential that your little rider is fitted to an appropriate model.

Ammaco Viper 18 powered bike make sure your younger rider can attain both the pedals and handlebar with ease. You want the rider’s legs to increase so that there may be a slight bend within the knee at the lowest of the pedal stroke — this may provide a complete pedaling motion.

Then there are some vital values that make Ammaco Viper 18 unique choices to look for. The first is the components that may be tailor-made greater especially toward a child rider. The second is to make certain controls which include brake levers are designed to be easily operated via little fingers. The pedal crank period is important, too — too long will make young riders’ knees undergo a bigger range of motion. Also, handlebar width of Ammaco Viper 18 primary steering manipulate is optimized.

Children’s bikes are usually measured by way of wheel length, rather than with the aid of body size. Don’t forget kids do grow right away and you need to take this into consideration while buying a kids motorbike, but, if you buy a motorbike this is in reality too big to your toddler, you’ll compromise your infant’s protection, and in the end discourage your baby from biking.

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