One of the innovations that we see today are the modern bikes which are the smart way or actually one of the smartest ways to go from one place to another.

Whether you are a biking enthusiast, or you want to find a quick way to go to work, this is the easiest way. Even if, you just want to enjoy the great outdoors the speed bike is the solution for you.

What is a speed bike?


In the past days, not too far back, a bike meant serious exercise and you would get to your destination all hot and sweaty. As such, the speed bike is an evolution of that bike since you have speed settings and gears that will make the biking sport so much easier The Ammaco velocity junior speed racing bike is a good example of a speed bike, but it is for the junior members of the family.


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  • A strong sports style bike designed for power and sustainability with speed adjustments.
  • Fantastic value entry level road bike with 14-speed gears and aero rims
  • Hi-tensile steel sports frame – hi-tensile steel fork – 14-speed gears
  • Handlebar shifters – alloy side pull caliper brakes – alloy double wall aero rims
  • Quick saddle adjustment – lifetime frame guarantee – toe clip pedals
  • Color: glossy blue & white – wheel size: 24-inch wheel – frame size: 16 inches.

The Ammaco velocity junior speed racing bike has the added advantage that it is designed specifically for the age from 9 to 14 years; can be adjusted according to age; weight and height are taken into consideration. As such, you have toe-clip pedals, 14-speed gears, adjustable seat according to age, and height as well.



The Ammaco velocity junior speed racing bike has a bundle of benefits that you would get to enjoy if you are between the ages 9 and 14 or if you are a parent who has a racing enthusiast coming up in the world – your child.

The speed adjustable bike gives speed while the advanced gear mechanism takes most of the effort out of pedaling but if you are an energetic one or you are out to expend some energy then, you can turn off this feature and go for the old-fashioned style of pedaling. It is your choice.

The other important benefit is that the Ammaco velocity junior speed racing bike comes with some unequaled benefits.

  • The design and model are specifically tailored for the age from 9 to 14.
  • The 14-speed options give our children some malleability in their biking preferences.
  • The adjustable features mean that it can be adjusted to the growing measurements of your child.
  • It is durable enough to last those highly active years of children in that age group.

Customer Satisfaction


Customers who have bought the Ammaco velocity junior speed racing bike have had no complaint as to the power and drive of the bike, the general features and style, the colour and their suitability for both boys and girls.

Also, the fact that they can choose from 14-speed adjustments depending on the use their children are going to put it to, is a great advantage. It means that their children are using a capable device.

As for the satisfaction of the users themselves, they have stated that this bike is so flexible to their needs and moods. The velocity model has had great positive comments, white is a favourite with the girls while boys prefer the blue.

Needless to say, some boys who were going racing with their friends decided to put their summer savings in this velocity speed model. I will have you know, they were not disappointed.

Common questions


A mother was wondering if the bike will need to be changed after a year when her daughter grows?

No, it can cover her daughter’s growth for several years as it could be adjusted to height as she grows.

Are there any other colors other than the blue and the white?

No, not yet but it might be in the plan in the near future.

Can I afford it? Was the question of a young girl working in the summer?

It is affordable if you look at it with a vision to the future since it will conform to your needs and be your only bike for several years ahead. Check out our article on Kryptonite bike locks.





This is a durable bike even with the rate and rhythm of activity of our children. A speed bike is not only a smart choice for covering distances, but it is also a smart choice on the part of the parents as they will have the assurance that the kids have a durable bike.

It is also a way to teach our children that bikes are the best choice for old and young as they are the green choices or eco-friendly choice.


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