Girls who want to ride a bike which is simply neat and beautiful must have to grab the Ammaco Tiffany 24″ Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bike & Wicker Basket Green.

The bike is not for any mountainous or terrain conquering or for trekking purpose. This is just built to satisfy the flat terrain ride for the girls. The entire construction is just simple and lethargic enough for a beautiful look.

The Bike is constructed in the Dutch style which makes the bike somewhat unique. The Dutch is known for their simplicity and neatness and so the bike gathers its reputation from the Dutch through its look.

The girl who rides the Ammaco Tiffany 24 Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bike would definitely be gorgeous and gather the look of a cinematic heroine. This is not to be considered as exaggerated sequence but it is time to grab this wonderful bike.


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Firstly the high tensile steel frame which is low step over is just to get into the bike with less effort and making the rider to sensitive enough towards the bike without much effort and creates a comfort zone for the rider.

The steel frame of the Ammaco Tiffany 24 Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bike gives a considerable amount of durability and resistance to the bike. The front forks are just attractive because of the unicrown classic styled focus approach that gives a beautiful look of the bike and the rider too.

That is the best part of the bike which enhances the beauty of the bike to the next level. The gear systems are confined to the Japanese technology based lever systems.

Obviously the Shimano gear system provides the rider the best approach to smoothness while changing gears and gives rider less distraction and revocation while riding.




The 6 speed gear system is present in the bike associated with the revoshift gear shifters which is again the shimano Japanese technology. The collaboration of the Japanese technology in the gear shifters and the gear levers in the gear system provides an efficient bike riding experience for the rider.

The brake system is also effective as it contains the front and rear v-brake system in order to make the braking more effective and to the finest. The handlebar stem is to the reach of the rider to have a greater control and made adjustable according to the height of the rider.

This provides facilitation to the riders while riding and making them hardly move away from the comfort zone. The handlebars are chrome plated and the chain is fully enclosed with the chainguard.

This provides the finest finish of the bike thereby not compromising the neatness of the construction. The comfort brown saddle associated with the front wicket basket adds up the beauty of the bike and the basket support bracket gives an extricate support to the basket.

Other such features that add up to the beauty of the bike include the white resin coloured pedal along with the mint green colour of the bike which makes it looks neat and beautiful.

The mudguards are present in full length associated with the rear mudguard reflector. The Wheel size is 24” and the frame size is 13.5”. There is a side stand associated with the bike.



 Customer Satisfaction


The Ammaco Tiffany 24″ Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bike & Wicker Basket Green is attractive enough which can be known from the features. The white resin pedals and the mint green colour are a real strength to the entire engineering.

Also the front wicket basket is perfectly matching to the product. The braking systems are fine because of the v braking system present in both the front and the rear side of the bike. The durability can be checked by the steel frame of 13.5”.

The mudguards are of full length with a rear mud guard reflector which looks inextricably neat and perfect. The tyres are unique in style and hence provide an attractive look because of the classic cream colour.

The chains are fully protected with the chainguard. The Ammaco Tiffany 24 Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bike can be a better choice for those girls who want to ride smooth and to be normally extraordinary and gorgeous. The Dutch style in this bike just adds up to the personality of the bike. So, this is the best pick for extraordinary girls.





 Common questions


Is the Ammaco Tiffany 24 Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bike suitable for mountain trekking?

This bike is created for a smooth travel and hence not inducted with such efficient upgradation to mountain riding or trekking. Further this bike is just for domestic purposes and not for some heroic or adventurous purposes.

Do they have battery and motor assisted to them?

Ammaco Tiffany 24 Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bike  is not for racing or trekking purposes. Hence no such battery or motor system is assisted to the bike. This bike is specially concentrated to girls who love smooth ride in flat terrains and just love transportation through biking. So this will not have such battery assisted with them. Further the entire weight of the bike is 14.5 kg including the basket and hence the bike is for smooth riding.

Whether it can be recommended for boys?

Ammaco Tiffany 24 Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bike is concentrated towards the girls and to satisfy the needs of them. Hence it cannot suit the standards and requirements and needs of the boys or men. You may like our article on Kryptonite bike locks article.







  • Ammaco Tiffany 24 Wheel Heritage Dutch Style Girls Bikes unique style with the front basket which makes it beautiful.


  • The gear systems are assistive and create a smooth riding experience.


  • The adjustable handlebar can be helpful to meet the height requirements. The bike comes with 90 percent built and needs a 10% assembly.


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