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Ammaco Rocky 14-inch Boys Bmx Bike

Teaching Your Child To Ride Is An Exciting Time In Your Life And A Massive Mile Stone In Theirs

Ammaco Rocky 14-inch Boys Bmx Bike

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V Type Brakes

Steel Frame





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Ammaco Rocky 14-inch Boys Bmx Bike

If you are in search for an awesome bicycle for your little boy, then look no further. Here is the ammaco rocky 14-inch wheel boys bmx bike, a BMX bike with stabilizers blue and white for little boys of age 4 and above.

This bike is a rocky bike, which means your young boy will comfortably use it in hilly, rocky places and also on plane landscapes.

The manufacturers of this bicycle explicitly designed it to meet all the playtime needs of little boys. With it they will be able to extensively explore their environs and enjoy riding to the fullest.

Young children are always so attached to their play toys, and it will not be long before your son becomes so attached to the ammaco rocky 14-inch boys bmx bike.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Ammaco Rocky 14-inch Boys Bmx Bike

This ammaco rocky 14-inch boys bmx bike is specially designed with a hi-tensile steel frame with forks, these frames are super strong with the ability to move on any type of ground. It is able to effortlessly go through both rough and smooth roads.

The bicycle also has the popular BMX handlebars which are the best you can get for any young boy. It has v-brakes in front and also at the rear with adorning alloy rims on the wheels to ensure its firm grip on the road.

The brake system is so accurate, giving the little rider the option to stop the bike with either the front or back brakes.

The bicycle has safety pads on the BMX handlebars to ensure the young boy’s hands are always safe no matter how long he rides. There are also very fitting adjustable stabilizers that your son can grow with. This special bike has a chain-guard fully enclosed within as well.

Ammaco rocky 14-inch boys bmx bike can be easily carried around by little boys from the playground to the house and vice-visa, because it is a less than 9kg lightweight bike.

However, other heavier bikes will be too heavy for the child to lift up or even carry around. The 14-inch wheel size of this bicycle is very ideal for little boys of 4 years and above.

The bikes leg size is adjustable to make room for the little boy’s growth in height. No matter the boy’s height, his legs can comfortable pedal the bicycle as long as he is still within the age range stipulated. All the features of the ammaco rocky 14-inch boys bmx bike were carefully designed to provide comfort, safety and great adventurous fun for your little son.

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“ I Am So Excited To Teach My Son How To Ride His Ammaco Rocky 14-inch Boys Bmx Bike.” William


Customer Satisfaction

The ammaco rocky 14-inch boys bmx bike is really an awesome bike that provides safety, great fun and comfort all in one for any little boy. This bicycle was designed to fit young boys of ages 4 and above – it has adjustable capabilities, so it can fit young boys of varying heights if adjusted.

The whole body design and features were carefully put in order perfectly without any error. All the parts fit into one another excellently with a strong and durable body frame.

After the parts are delivered, almost anyone can unpack the parts and easily assemble them together without any stress at all. Many parents tell of how easy it was for them to unpack the parts and assemble them, with all parts well fitted together in a matter of minutes.

Because of its strong and rugged frame, the ammaco rocky 14-inch boys bmx bike is very durable, lasting so long, no matter how rough the young boy rides with it.

The ammaco rocky 14-inch boys bmx bike has a great balance which can keep the little rider steady even on rocky and hilly places. This is a great bike, with all features perfectly fitted to provide an unforgettable, fun-filled experience for little boys.

It looks rugged and advanced, unlike other bikes – that’s the whole idea, it’s a BMX. It will definitely create great fun and excitement for your little son.

This bike is absolutely a boy’s bicycle; every single detail reveals its masculine features. Bikes like this tend to really strike a remarkable difference between the boys and the girls. It’s time for your young lad to “man-up”.

It gives you real good quality for the money spent on its purchase. Your son will enjoy to the maximum every single dime spent – this is fun on the road.

Common Questions

Are the pedals on this bike freewheel?

Yes, this bike’s pedals are freewheel. It is very safe for your little son. The child’s feet can easily get to the pedals and he can comfortable use the freewheel pedal without stress.

What is the weight of this bike?

This Rocky 14-inch bicycle’s weight is a little bit less than 9kg. The bicycle is a lightweight bike; it can be easily carried from the house to the playground or to the road by the little boy for play. The child can equally easily lift the bike from the playground back inside the house all by himself. Look after your bike with our Kryptonite bike Locks article.

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