Ammaco Ranger 26″ Wheel Men’s MTB Front Suspension



Ammaco Ranger 26″ Wheel Men’s MTB Front Suspension


Ammaco manufacture and design bikes that offer customers amazing value at a fraction of the cost of other mountain bikes.

Ammaco Ranger 26″MTB Front Suspension Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Ammaco Ranger 26″MTB Front Suspension Bike


Ammaco Brand

Ammaco are known for offering great value for their loyal cycling enthusiasts.

Designed specifically for Commuting

The Muddyfox have specifically manufactured the Muddyfox Compact Folding Bike for Commuting and can easily be taken on and off public transport and putting in the back of a car.

Do you have to assemble the Ammaco Ranger Mountain Bike?

The Ammaco Ranger Mountain does need some assembly. Once assembled it is recommended that you go on a test run to make sure you are happy with bike.

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Ammaco Ranger Mountain Bike


Bicycling is great hobby to partake in in one’s free time. As a bicyclist, not only are you giving back to the environment, but you are also doing your taking care of your own health.

Bicycling is one of the best forms of exercise out there as it helps build muscles and also helps one stay in shape as well as building stamina and endurance. For a great sport like this, you need a great bike. In this article, we will review the Ammaco Ranger 26” Men’s Bike.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Ammaco Ranger 26 Mountain Bike

The Ammaco Ranger is designed specifically for men. That’s why its frame size is 19 so that you can ride it despite your height. Its adjustable seat saddles help in this case. Not just that, but the frame is also built with aluminium making it lightweight and therefore, easy to transport. You can take your bike anywhere- camping, out of town…wherever you’d like to ride it. This makes the bike very good as its better than cheap carbon often sold around in the market, making it a great catch for its price.

But that’s not all, it also has a 21 speed shimano revoshift gears with quick release saddle adjustments making it very smooth and reliable as well as a triple chain set. It further includes Shimano rear derailleur and an Ammaco saddle, perfect for long rides across all surfaces. This feature also makes it pretty practical since this helps enhance better positioning and makes it more controllable from a place where you are most comfortable. Suspension alloys are crafted well to make the bicycle sturdy. It further includes a front suspension fork to make sure that your ride goes as seamless as possible.

It comes in a single colour: matte grey. The wheel sizes can be changed depending on the height of the rider but the standard size that comes with the bicycle is 26 inches.


  • Features – 90%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 94%

“I have been looking out for a new mountain bike for my husband as an early engagement present. He will love the Ammaco Ranger” Rachel

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are pretty satisfied with the Ammaco Ranger. It’s a great bike for those who clearly love riding in a bike in mountainous regions and terrains.

This is primarily due to the design of the bike that supports and is build for smooth rides in the uneven landscape through its front suspension fork and rear derailleur designed to give you a very smooth ride.


Common Questions

  • Is the bicycle assembled?

The Ammaco Ranger comes around ninety percent built in the box it is delivered in. It may require a simple final assembly left. This can be carried out by the guidelines and equipment given so there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Are the assembly tools included?

Only basic assembly tools are included, you may need a set of metric spanners and allen keys.

  • Is this bicycle fine for those above six feet of height?

Yes, it’s possible for those over six foot to use this bicycle due to the quick release adjustable saddle which makes it very easy to adjust the bicycle according to your height. Furthermore, it’s possible to increase the wire frame by adding bigger wheels to the bike, however, this may cost you.

  • What happens if some parts are missing upon delivery?

Since the bicycle is shipped with around ninety five percent of it as assembled, it will not be the case. The unassembled part will be included in the delivery along with the necessary assembling equipment and guidelines. However, if you do come across a case like this than we will advice you to contact our customer care helpline so that we may be able to solve your issue as soon as possible.

  • I’m buying this for my son, will he outlive this bicycle?

Since this bicycle has been designed with men in mind, it should not be a big issue for your son. For adjusting the saddle due to height differences, you can do so by using the adjustable saddle. In some cases, you may want to change the wheels of the bicycle to a smaller one in order to accommodate your son. You can change the wheels’ size as he grows taller. The standard wheel size available for this model is 26”.

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It is a nineteen inch, lightweight aluminium wire framed bicycle making it quite a catch for its price.

  • It has the makings of great bike with its quick release adjustments so as to help you quickly adjust your bike and be on your away.
  • It has great front and rear suspension alloys which make it a great bike for long term reliability and smooth riding.