Ammaco Performer Boys 20-inch Wheel Mountain Bike is one of the amazing bikes in the Ammaco collection with a solid and enduring design that is easy for riding on rocky and leveled ways.

Your search has ended here, if you’ve been looking for a bicycle that is spectacularly strong, coupled with resilient components that certify safety and fun for your little boy.

Its exterior is firm and durable for the cycling of your son for so many years. Small champions and fearless little athletes would get hooked unto this bike after using it for a while.

This is because this will be the best gift they have ever received from you. So, you will outdo all the previous gifts you have ever presented to your son with this product.

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The Ammaco Performer Boys 20-inch Wheel Mountain Bike is a BMX mountain bike featuring lightweight alloy frame and hi-tensile forks. With these awesome components the bicycle is strong and stiff to navigate different grounds whether bumpy or even.

Protection, ease and stability are sure for your champion son all through his courageous cycling. This new performers’ bike has got 6 speed shimano gears with shimano revoshift gears levers.

The 6 speed gear component certifies a suave change from one speed to another speed for 7years upwards.  It also has powerful alloy v-brakes which apply to both front and rear wheels, with alloy rims on the wheels as well.

Its semi-raised handlebars protect your boy’s hands by keeping it in the right position; it keeps it steadily held unto the handles. The comfort and complete protection of your little son is essential for every ride he makes.

With the excellent alloy v-brakes motion is effectively halted whenever used. This superb cycle has got 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels with alloy rims guaranteeing safe cycling on all terrains while having a firm grip on the ground.

The new performer Ammaco bike was carefully designed for your little winner, comprising of with protective swabs added to the handlebar to safeguard hands securely always.

This cycle comes with a relaxing seat hanged on the seat post, assuring comfortable biking excitement packed with so much enjoyment. This cycle was designed for all young boys of 7 years upward.

Ammaco Performer Boys 20-inch Wheel Mountain Bike has an overall weight of 10.9kg which is very light to lift around. Your son can certainly lift it up and carry it around to the ground where he would ride and then carry it back home.

Little boys likes lifting bikes around like this, I think it makes them feel special. The product gets to you after you buy it, assembled 90 percent already with body frames, gears, pedals, seat posts, wheels, brakes and with some fixtures are already inbuilt.

There will only be a need for a minor 10 percent coupling which entails slight assembling.

Customer Satisfaction


The Ammaco Performer Boys 20-inch Wheel Mountain Bike is an incredible bike that provides safety, comfort and sporting fun for little athletes like your son.

It was particularly invented effectively for boys from the age of 7 upward – with adjustment capabilities so as to cater various height measurements. The components of this cycle are certified defect- free and are remarkably long lasting. After you have coupled all parts together, the exterior becomes a compact lightweight strong mountain bike set to navigate all grounds.

The sturdy and durable lightweight alloy frame of the Ammaco Performer Boys 20-inch Wheel Mountain Bike makes it serve you for a long time without defects.

Every fear is gone and stays gone, because your son is protected by an Ammaco product you can trust. Its relaxing seat and sturdy seat post gives the boy great balance while cycling on all terrains. The performer boys’ bike gives a wonderful, pleasurable adventure during all riding episodes.

Common Questions


Are the pedals on this bike freewheel?

Yes, the Ammaco new boy’s bike comes with freewheels. Your boy will freely pedal the system with the upmost safety guaranteed.

What is the weight of this bike?

This Performers’ Boy’s bike weighs 10.9kg. It is lightweight, since it is designed for bigger boys of 7 years and above. It can be effortlessly carried by boys within the specified age.

Is this bike durable?

The alloy frame with hi-tensile fork is a great combination that makes this bicycle durable.

What is the color of the bike?

It has a stunningly polished red color that suits little courageous boys like your son. It really looks beautiful.

Can this bike be adjusted?

Yes, various components like the handlebars, seat post and other essentials are adjustable to cater for the growth and increase of your youngster’s height. You may like to read our article on the factors to consider when buying a children’s bike. 



  • The Ammaco Performers bike has got a strong alloy frame that is rugged and durable. Its striking red color makes it so pretty to behold.
  • This mountain bike is specially designed with 6 speed shifting gears and gear levers for a smooth quicker transition from one level to another during cycles. A suave progression from lower single speed to a higher multi-speed is certain.
  • This offers good quality for all the money you spent buying it. Unlimited excitement and great sports waits for the great champion within your boy – help him enjoy it now.


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