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Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike


Buying A New Mountain To Explore And Tackle Your Local Mountain Bike Trails. The Ammaco Brand Offer Great Value

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike




21 Shimano Gears

Hi Tensile Frame

Wheel Size 26″


What Can The Ammaco MTX400 Be Used For?

The Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike Has Been Designed For Cyclist Who Love To Tackle The Local Mountain Bike Trails


Ammaco Brand

The Ammaco Brand Pride Themselves On Manufacturing Good Lucking Mountain Bikes At Affordable Prices.




Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike Metrics

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Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike

Men will be men when it comes to certain things. Cars and bikes are one among them. Let it be a school going kid or a college guy, let it be an unemployed youth or a busy employee, let it be a casual person or a serious workaholic, all of them will be equally fascinated by certain things.

A good looking and quality bike is one among them. When you are looking for a bike with all the required features, look no more than the Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike .

This bike is one of the best mountain bikes available in the market. Let us try to analyze what makes this bike one of the best among the mountain bikes

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike

High tensile steel is used for making the Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike. It boasts of full Shimano gear set and effective disc brakes in the front and rear. This feature is quite useful and necessary in terms of safety of the rider.

It is equipped with revoshift gear levers and alloys wheels which are light weight and tough. The bike is ideal for regular rides or in uneven terrains. It gives complete control with perfect grip through tyres and the support of effective braking handled by the disc brakes.



  • Tough and Hi-tensile steel frame
  • Effective front suspension fork from zoom
  • 21 speed gear set from Shimano
  • Revoshift gear levers from Shimano
  • Exceptional front and rear disc brakes
  • Super lightweight alloy wheels
  • Durable and comfortable saddle
  • Features – 91
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 94

” My Wife Is Wanting A New Traditionally Dutch Style Bike To Commute To Our Local Town. The Ammaco Mayfair Offers Great Value.” Anthoney

Customer Satisfaction

Customers who have bought the Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike have given positive feedback and expressed happiness on the purchase. The bike has been appreciated for its sturdy frame, perfect suspension and effective brakes.

Some of the customers have tried the bike in some tough conditions and found it satisfactory. When asked if they would recommend this product to someone, the customers have answered that they would recommend this product to their friends and relatives.

Common Questions

Is theAmmaco MTX400  durable? 

Yes. The bike is made of high tensile steel frame and good quality material in all the components. So, you can expect long durability out of it. Read our guide on the  factors to consider when buying a mountain bike.

Is it suitable for various kinds of terrain such as sand or rocky areas?

Yes. Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike comes with light weight rims and efficient tyres which would help in travelling on different kinds of terrain. Further, the front and rear disc brakes ensure that you are always in control.

Is the gear set really useful? 

Yes. The 21 speed gear set is very useful and can prove very helpful in many cases. It is particularly important when the rider is going uphill or downhill. The gear set allows the rider to control the speed of the bike as per the situation.

What are the various dimensions of this bike? 

The wheel size of the bike is 26” and frame size is 23”

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The Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike is a good product and has all the features required in a quality mountain bike. It can be used in regular cases or for treading in different terrains.

It is well equipped with the necessary features making it one of the safest and useful bikes in the range. One can buy Ammaco MTX400 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike  if they wish to enjoy the thrill of adventure and experiment riding in different terrain.