You have decided to buy a new bike for your child. Before we look at the common questions prospect buyers of the Ammaco Misty Girls 18” Wheel BMX bike would want answered. There are a few questions you would want to ask yourself.

Why buy the Ammaco Misty Girls 18” Wheel BMX bike?

One of the main benefits of a BMX, is that it can be used for a different type of riding. BMX riding has been a popular hobby for youngsters since the 1960s and has even become an Olympic sport.

In addition, BMX’s are easy to transport and can easily be transported in the back of a car and are lightweight. Furthermore, the Ammaco Misty Girls 18” Wheel BMX bike is a great all-rounder bike that will help your child progress with their riding.

Exercise is an important activity that will help your child stay healthy. Buying a quality bike such as the Misty will only encourage your child to be more active, while riding around on their brand-new BMX.

The BMX comes in a glamorous blue and pink finish and is specifically designed to support your child while riding and improve their confidence.

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Benefits/ Features


Colour:  The Ammaco Misty Girls 18” Wheel BMX bike comes with a girly blue and pink finish. A glamourous design that’s specifically designed to ensure you child is riding in style. There will be the cool kid on the estate.

Frame: Misty comes with a steel frame and is a common material used in kid’s bikes. Advantages of having a steel frame is that it’s a durable and sturdy material that will offer your child plenty of support while riding.

Furthermore, a steel frame is known to withstand the odd bump or scrap. Checking your bike on a regular basis can help you spot any damage or wear and tear that may have been caused

Wheels:  Ammaco have ensured that the Misty comes with a good set of tyres that will give the child plenty of grip while travelling over different types of terrain. Always check the tyres have enough air in them.

Brakes: Front & Rear V type brakes that will help the child perform an emergency stop safely, quickly and easily.  Test the brakes by holding down the brake lever and pushing the BMX forward and backwards

Handle bars: BMX handle bars that support the child’s riding posture and help them maintain control of the BMX.

Customer Satisfaction


Great Value for money girls BMX. The reviews speak for themselves


My daughter was over the moon with her Misty. We can’t get her off it.


Gorgeous girly colour BMX. Your child will be sure to be known as the cool kid.


Perfect Present

Common Questions


What is a BMX bike?

The definition of BMX is Bicycle Motorcross. A BMX can be used down your local skate park, around your local estate or even for a family adventure.

How heavy is the Ammaco Misty Girls 18” Wheel BMX bike?

The Misty weighs roughly 10.5 Kg

Does the BMX come fully assembled?

Ammaco Misty Girls 18” Wheel BMX bike comes partially assembled. Assembling a bike can sometimes be stressful if you’re not used to assembling kid’s bikes.

Don’t worry, the Misty comes with an a helpful instructional manuel. You could always ask a more experienced family member with experience of assembling kids bike.

Go out on a little test run once you have assembled the BMX correctly. Check the Air in the tyres, the brakes and the oil in the chain.

What accessories do you need for BMX riding?

Save enough money in the budget for a good quality helmet. Always make sure the child is happy with the helmet and its fitting. A helmet is no good if you’re not wearing it.

You can check CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission which sets out the minimum standards for helmets. Having a good pair of trainers with a good grip and a sold sole is vital. Consider getting a pair of elbow and knee pads.

However, don’t forget that knee and elbow pads can limit mobility. Wearing comfortable clothing is also important and maybe not the child’s best clothes.  You may find our article on the factors that you should consider when buying a child’s bike

What is the right size bike for the rider?   In any doubt, contact the supplier as they have great customer service.


Final Verdict


You’re looking for the perfect bike for your child. The Ammaco Misty Girls 18” Wheel BMX bike has some great customer reviews that you cannot ignore.

Offering a great value girly BMX that will hopefully encourage your child to spend more time cycling and burning off some extra energy.

Glamorous Girly BMX


Good Customer Testimonials


Brilliant Value

We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Ammaco Misty Girls 18” Wheel BMX bike.


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