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Ammaco Mayfair Womens Hybrid City Bike


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Hi Tensible Steel Frame

700C Wheels

Front & Read Wheels





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Ammaco Mayfair Womens Hybrid City Bike

If looking for a classy and stylish city bike, one that would leave everyone admiring you as you pass by, Ammaco Mayfair Womens Hybrid City bike is the ride for you.

If you are always rushing to ensure that you arrive at work or for that lecture on time, get this hybrid city bike, and you will get there within minutes. Whether there is too much traffic or not, this bike will ensure that you are on time and that you get no more reprimands from your boss.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Ammaco Mayfair Womens Hybrid City Bike

This Ammaco Mayfair Womens Hybrid City Bike for women has 18 Shimano gears which make it have the best speed ensuring that you reach your intended destination on time and in a breeze.

The bike will make your ride around town so much fun that you will wish to trek with it like forever. This hybrid bike has low-step over hi-tensile steel frame making it easy for you to mount and dismount.

The steel frame also makes it light for any woman to move it from in and outside the house, ready for the ride. While riding within the city and you suddenly have an encounter with traffic, the bike has powerful V-type rear and front brakes that will help you come to a stop.

These V-type brakes will also help you to slow down at any time you feel the need to do that. When riding on a rainy day or when there is a lot of dust you don’t have to worry that the bike might get stuck in the mud. It has the front and rear mudguards that help to avoid dust. It also has a side stand to hold in position.

The rear luggage lack for the Ammaco Mayfair Womens City Bike makes it easier for you to carry your luggage with you. It enables you to bring your bags and books from work as well as groceries from the grocery store to your kitchen.

It also has an exclusive front mesh basket making it the most stylish bike for you as a woman. The bike has the 700 x 38c hybrid semi-slick tires which makes it possible for you to ride at a speed of your choice.

The tires allow you to ride efficiently and confidently even through turns. If you like the black colour, you should go for this bike. It comes in in a gloss black color and doesn’t forget that it has a very comfortable spring saddle that will make you ride comfortably enjoying the morning breeze.

  • Features – 94
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 96

” My Wife Is Wanting A New Traditionally Dutch Style Bike To Commute To Our Local Town. The Ammaco Mayfair Offers Great Value.” Anthoney

Customer Satisfaction

This Ammaco Mayfair Womens Hybrid City Bike is the ideal bike for your every day to day trips to the city. Even though it comes in not fully assembled, it will only require a few minutes of your time to join the remaining parts, and you’ll be good to go.

As a modern city woman, the bike gives you the classy and bossy feeling making you get the satisfaction you crave for every time you ride with it. The fact that this bike is very light and with an ideal speed makes it your secret means of transport in case of emergencies.

Common Questions

I’m about 180cm tall is this bike a good fit for me?

Well, what matters is the length of your inside leg measurement as it’s the best guide. The minimum leg requirement for this bike is approximately 11 cm, more than the size of the frame and the requirements for the inside leg is approximately 30 cm.

The good thing about this AMMACO Mayfair Womens Hybrid city bike is that its saddle adjusts to around 6cm too. Therefore, ensure that you know your leg’s measures before you purchase it. Most importantly, measure the size while standing on the floor with flat inch shoes to get the right measurements.

Can I use the bike on rough terrain?

Of course, you can but ensure that you are extremely careful. Remember that this design is for the city and therefore the tires are not too thick for exposure to rocks or sharps objects that you may encounter on the rough terrain. If you want to use your bike more many years to come, ensure that you do not expose it to risks.

Can I carry heavy luggage on using the bike?

Do not overload the bike; you do not want to damage the bike in just a few months after buying it. Ensure that the luggage is not too heavy.

The hybrid bike can, however, carry almost everything you want and therefore ideal for your everyday activities. Use it correctly, and you will never regret buying it. Read our review of the Kryptonite bike locks.

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  • The Ammaco Mayfair Womens Hybrid City Bike is a good fit for you as a classy city woman, especially with the gloss black colour.
  • It will ensure that you arrive at your destined place despite the obstacles like mud or traffic.
  • Ammaco Mayfair Womens Hybrid City Bike is durable and therefore worth the purchase.