Are you looking for a traditional bicycle with a touch of style? Do you like stylish rides? If you do, this is the bike for you. Everything from color, saddle, to grips, is just fantastic. You don’t want to miss this bike on your list of classy things.

The bike will ensure that you get all the fun that comes with riding it. You can use the classic ladies bike to ride in town, your workplace, school and all the other places that you have always yearned to go. This Ammaco Holland Classic Ladies Bike is the best ride for you as a stylish woman


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The bike has a low stop over the frame. This frame is ideal as it makes it easier for you to mount and dismount the bicycle. That is why it is the best fit for women as if it had a high frame; it would be difficult for them to ride on.

The Ammaco Holland Classic Ladies Bike has Alloy V-type brakes. These brakes make it easier for you as a woman to stop in case of an encounter with traffic or emergencies or during raining days to control the bicycle. A bicycle with reduced or no brakes is a significant threat to a rider and the people around her when cycling as it can cause fatal accidents,

The Holland bike has lightweight and non-corroding durable wheels. The wheels are double walled for making them stronger. With stronger wheels for your bike, you will always feel safer when riding. Sturdy wheels make the bicycle usable on any terrain. This bike is, therefore, the best for ladies.

It has a woven plastic wicker basket. The basket enables you to carry your luggage along. You can take your books from school with the basket, groceries from the market or even packed food from home to work. Ladies will always be carrying something with them, and therefore this basket is one critical feature on this bicycle.

Ammaco Holland Classic Ladies Bike has ergonomic handlebars grip. These grips not only enhance support but also makes riding for a long trip much comfortable. After trekking on a long journey or a rough terrain, you will still feel energized as the ergonomic grips enhance your comfort.

The bike has fully chain guard covering the teeth of the chain wheel. The cover ensures the security of the chain at all times, Should the chain break lose as one rides along, the outcome would be fatal.

The Ammaco Holland Classic Ladies Bike has chrome plastic type mudguards. The Mudguards have twin flaps ensuring that the bicycle’s functionality is not affected during the e rainy season. The mudguards also ensure that dirt doesn’t make it difficult for you to ride.

Customer Satisfaction


The Ammaco Holland Classic Ladies Bike is worth the purchase. It comes in the color of gloss black which is indeed a classic colour. The bicycle is also lightweight making it a proper fit for you as a lady.

You won’t have to struggle a lot when trying to mount on the bike for a ride. If you have luggage with you, it’ll be easy for you to move along with it by carrying it on the woven basket.

Even after riding for a long time, you’ll be okay with the ergonomic grips always ensure that you do not get tired to do anything else.


Common Questions


Should I worry when using the bike on a rainy day?

No, you shouldn’t worry yourself out. Ammaco Holland Classic Ladies Bike  functionality doesn’t change with the change in weather conditions. You’ll still use it comfortably during a rainy day.

The mudguards will make it easier for you as they swap dirt and mud away making it easy for you to ride along. The bike is also lightweight, and this will help you to move along with it even on a muddy road.

Is the bike easy to use?

Using the bike is very easy. You can use the classic ladies bike efficiently at all weather conditions and all places. If you want to enjoy a long ride, use this bike as you won’t get tired a lot.

The bicycle’s features make it very easy to ride as mounting on the bike is easy, it’s not too heavy, the chain guard is always securing the teeth ensuring that chances of the chain loosening are very slim.

Go ahead and purchase the bike with the assurance that you’ll ride it whenever you want and with minimal efforts. Read our review of the Kryptonite bike locks.




  • The Ammaco Holland Classic Ladies Bike has non-corroding double walled durable wheels


  • Ammaco Holland Classic Ladies Bike is easy to mount and dismount


  •  Ergonomic handlebar grips for support and comfort.


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