Are you searching for a wonderful bike for your kids? Do you want something traditional? Then, you may consider this bike which is traditional.

The Ammaco Haze Traditional 20” Wheel Girls Bike is a beautiful creation symbolizing heritage. The Haze Traditional has all the features that will surely capture your little girl’s attention.


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Ammaco Haze Traditional 20” Wheel Girls Bike is best suited for little girls aged 7 years and above. This great bike is equipped with a look which is so traditional. Its low step over frame makes it a great manifestation a traditional Dutch heritage style.

The Ammaco Haze Traditional 20” Wheel Girls Bike has a single speed which is made for simplicity for youngsters. This enables them to get used to it in riding a bike without any supports lacking quite mastered gears. Also this bike is toppled up with a mini genuine wicker basket, a rear rack carrier and a prop stand made of alloy.

In addition, the Ammaco Haze Traditional 20” Wheel Girls Bike has a hi-tensile low step over steel frame and forks. It is made for single speed simplicity which is a great starter for young kids. This bike also features a swept back Dutch style handler bars and caliper brakes. It can very light because of its lightweight alloy rims.

It also has a unique full length chain guard and mudguard for full protection of the frame. The bike is being supported by side kickstand and a rear carrier rack. The size of the wheels and frame are 16 and 13 inches respectively.

This Ammaco Haze Traditional 20” Wheel Girls Bike is looking traditional and so classic with steel frame designed to have a low step over. This bike has a plastic wicker basket to avoid rotting.

At the same time, this bike has an ideal weight which can be good for young girls to carry it from the inside the house to outside going to the field. Since the bike lower step over, it makes it so easy for young learners to reach the pedals to saddle and cycle with ease.  The size of the bike is so perfect for young bikers since children grow faster in this modern time.

This is an amazing bike. Using this kind of bike by your young girls will definitely teach them how to manage themselves while on the ride.

Customer Satisfaction

The Ammaco Haze Traditional 20’ Wheel Girls Bike has been considered by valid customers an amazing one. With its solid great quality and easy to assemble feature, it becomes one of the favorite bikes of the solid customers.

It is so impressive when it comes to features. This makes buyers go crazy about it. It is so perfect for little girls having a great basket attached on it in front and a little bonus of a bell and stand. The bike is so strong.

The money used here would be much compensated with its quality and durability. Perfectly built for young girls, this must be not-to-miss product in town.

Common Questions


What age range will this bike fit?

This bike will perfectly fit young girls from age seven and above. Since your children are growing so fast, you need to give them something that they can learn something on it, just like riding on their favorite bikes. Providing them this wonderful bike will be a great experience for them. Since the bike is designed for young children, the features of the bike are so friendly user and easy navigation.

Does this bike have brakes?

Yes it has. This bike has hand brakes. With this, your children will be able to stop the bike easily with their own control. This is one of the features of this bike. Though some bikes have pedal breaks, this bike has this hand break because it does not need one. It is designed to be a friendly user for children.

Why do I have to buy this bike?

This bike comes with differs amazing features not to mention its durability and quality. This bike is a sturdy one. It is a good price value with all of its special features like back carrier, chain cover, basket bell, side stand, etc. These are all in one package. With these amazing freebies, you will never think twice to purchase this kind of bike. Look after your bike with  our cleaning your bike guide


The Ammaco Haze Traditional 20” Wheel Girls Bike is designed with a look which is so traditional. It has low step over frame for easy ride for children and this makes so inviting and appealing for them.


It has a perfect weight which can be great for young girls to carry it from the ground to the house. It will be easy for them to greatly access with the bike because they can carry it anywhere.


Great quality and easy to assemble feature, that is why it becomes the favorite bike of the customers. It is so impressive when it comes to features.


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