Are you trying to find a good quality bike for your child? Do you want their rides to remain enjoyable and fun, but also give them full control at all times?

If that is the case, the Ammaco grasshopper 26 wheel dual suspension mountain bike is a perfect choice. This is one bike that will definitely put a smile on their face. It is both popular and practical, and it will become their new best friend.

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Ammaco grasshopper 26 wheel dual suspension mountain bike has a special design that makes it both beautiful and very strong. Even after the first glance, you will notice its Y-Shape design frame, which is entirely made of steel.

That way, it promises strength and stability. It also features both front and rear suspension, which will make every ride enjoyable. Because of them, as well as its great stability, this bike is a perfect choice for almost any terrain. It will definitely serve your child well.

The size of the wheel is around 26 inches, while the size of the frame is 21 inches. It also features lightweight alloy rims, which will increase the strength of the bike in general.

Next, we have great quality brakes, which you can find on both front and rear wheel. Both of them include alloy v-type brakes, which means that your child will always remain in control. These brakes are very strong and of excellent quality.

That way, your child can make the Ammaco grasshopper 26″ wheel dual suspension mountain bike come to a halt whenever they want it, which is an excellent feature to have.

Another thing that Ammaco grasshopper 26 wheel dual suspension mountain bike offers is a Q/R Seatpost lever. This means that the seat is adjustable and that it will fit your child as they grow and develop.

Finally, we should also talk about the speed gears. This bike features 18 speed Shimano gears. Of course, the rider can switch between them via the gear shifters in the handlebars. Shifting between gears is easy.

It will allow anyone who rides this bike to quickly adapt to their environment and enjoy the ride.

As if the bike wasn’t amazing enough as it is, it is also quite colorful. It’s finished off in a neon green gloss finish, which will make any child instantly attracted to it.

Customer satisfaction


Ammaco grasshopper 26 wheel dual suspension mountain bike is a lovely and great bike for any child. It features a lot of strong, quality equipment that will make their ride enjoyable.

Thanks to the many gear system, as well as powerful brakes, the rider will always remain in full control. Not only that, but the dual suspension makes it very comfortable to ride this bike, no matter the terrain.

It also looks beautiful, and it is extremely strong and safe at the same time. Also, the wheels are large enough to allow them more than enough time to always catch their balance if something disrupts it. All in all, it is an amazing bike that every child would love to have.

Common questions


Would this suit a 12-year-old?

Yes, that is already a perfect age for a child to ride this bike and enjoy every moment. Most children that age are around 5′ 6″, and this bike is ideal for them. Of course, the seat is very adjustable by itself.

That way, you can make it fit your child, no matter how tall they are.

Is the Ammaco grasshopper 26 wheel dual suspension mountain bike comfortable?

Yes, Ammaco grasshopper 26 wheel dual suspension mountain bike is very comfortable thanks to its design. It features a great dual suspension, you can adjust many of its aspects, and the speed gear will help the rider overcome any kind of terrain.

The resistance can be reduced or increased, in accordance with the rider’s wishes, and the change is instant. Not only that, but this bike also features a very comfortable seat, perfect even for the long rides. Check out on post on Factors to consider when buying a mountain bike.

Will the bike come fully assembled?

The majority of the parts will already be in their places when the bike gets delivered. Only a few final parts will remain for you to add to it, and it will be ready to go. Of course, we advise you to follow the manual and check that you have all the parts.

After that, all you will need are a few basic tools and a couple of minutes of your time. Also, make sure to check that everything is perfectly functional before letting your child have a test-ride. Just to stay safe. Check our cleaning your bike article.



The bike is very safe and comfortable to ride, no matter the terrain or the length of the ride.


It features all the modern equipment that the rider might need to feel in control at every moment during the ride


A perfect gift for a child in their early teens, and it is also very adjustable to fit everyone around this age.

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