The Ammaco gran cru men’s bike comes in handy, as it is the newest range of mountain bikes suitable for adults of different genders. In this case, we focus on the kind that suits men to be precise.


This kind of bike has a wheel size of twenty-six inch making it the only best choice for men especially the tall ones. Due to its full shift gear set and lightweight frames, a person can easily handle terrains of any kind with ease on either on or off roads


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The bike has lightweight aluminum frames that are heat-treated to ensure the frame’s hardness and durability to its functions.

Due to the triple chain ring in the front and seven in the rear, twenty-one speed shimano gears will help you enjoy longer rides without getting tired. This can encourage longer ridings as part of exercising instead of using extra speed on racing bikes.

The Ammaco gran cru men’s bike has v type of brakes to that ensures powerful stop and gripping on the ground.

It comes with a comfortable saddle that favors the users by preventing them from getting nerve and artery compressions. This can turn out to be fatal, as blood is not easily supplied through the body.

The bike is surprisingly big in size when focusing on the distance from floor to top and top of handlebar to the saddle. The said distance is quite long only in advantage for tall men.

The Ammaco gran cru men’s bike comes in three different colours that consist of black, red, and silver. For men, selection of colours is less appropriate as many prefer any colour available as long the bike is intended to meet their needs, as they require. This is why any of the three colours seem comfortable with them.

Customer satisfaction

The products feedback proves that most men are comfortable with the features that come with the bike. They find it user friendly since it allows long distance riders to use it without getting tired.

However, others complained that aside from it being the best, it limits shorter men from using it due to the huge size and distance of parts on the bike.

This has greatly resulted to the shorter men going for other options as much as they like the said bike. This has limited its selling capabilities as it only bought by men who can actually fit on it. The bike has been said to be relatively cheap thus affordable to the users who need it.

Common questions


Is this bike only for men?

Well, this type of bike comes with different inches on the wheel making it available for selected category of people. Specifically, the above Ammaco gran cru men’s bike comes in twenty-six inches making it ideal only for tall men. Fewer inches are available for both and girls but the features drop in each of them. Check out our article Factors to consider when buying a mountain bike.

Is it effective when riding on off roads?

Yes. It has a full shift gear set that will enable riding on any terrain with ease leaving you with a wonderful riding experience.

What is the limited distance i can cover when riding without getting tired?

When riding the Ammacon gran cru men’s bike, the experience is great as you may cover the longest distance within your reach without getting tired. This happens in provision of its comfortable saddle. No matter how long you sit depending on the distance to be covered, it will help you not to end with artery compressions.

Is it affordable?

Following its features, many would expect it to be highly valued in terms of money but instead, the bike comes at an affordable price to all and its parts are also cheap. You may like our bike lock guide


Why you should buy


  • It is affordable at any store that sells it. For those who prefer the said features, buying it is more appropriate as it will ensure to meet your needs at its best. In addition, maintenance of the bike is equally affordable to save on high costs incurred when using other bikes with different features.
  • When covering long distances to either workplace or home, it is the best option to make sure you do not get tired along the way and end up reaching your destination looking all sweaty. This bike saves your energy on long rides and gives you comfort.
  • Its v breaks allows you to avoid accidents or getting injuries on riding at its full shift gear set. It creates a powerful stop when you want it to, giving you control over the bike’s speed even on the terrains of any kind.
  • This will not limit you to use different roads regardless of the changing weather conditions. Generally, if you fit on this kind of bike, you opt to get one for yourself and ease your worries.

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