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Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike

Searching For Your Boys First Mountain Bike. Ammaco Are A Great Value Bike Brand

Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike

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Hi Tensile Steel Frame V Type Brakes Alloy Wheels

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Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike

Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike is a new addition to the Ammaco collection with a strong and durable design that is comfortable for cycling on mountainous and plane roads.

There is no need to look any further, if you’ve been searching for a bike that is fabulously robust, equipped with durable features that guarantee security and excitement for your youngster.

Its body frame is rugged and long-lasting for your son to use for an extended period of time. Little front-runners and fearless dare devils immediately falls for this bike at first sight. They just know it’s the biggest thing that has ever happened – this is their imagination come to life right in front of them.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike

The Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike is a mountain bike with hi-tensile steel frame and great forks. It is a rare combination that makes the cycle tough to traverse diverse terrains whether hilly or plane. Fortification, comfort and durability are certain for your little boy during all his adventurous rides.

This new Gladiator bike has got 6 speed shimano gears with shimano revoshift gears levers as well. The 6 speed gear features just mentioned ensures a smooth transition from single speed to a higher speed for your 7 years and above son. It also features v-brakes, with alloy rims that are light weighted.

There are riser handlebars, which secures your boy’s hands firmly to the handles. The safety and total fortification of your little son is vital as he bikes adventurously.

The v-brakes ensure a safe stop when he applies it while cycling. This magnificent bike comes with MTB tyres and alloy rims made for riding on all roads with firm grips.

The new Gladiator was specially fabricated for youngsters, so, it comes with distinct protective swabs on each handlebar to keep hands safe always.

The pack comes with a comfortable saddle to be placed on the seat post, certifying a relaxed cycling experience filled with lots of fun. This bike is made for all young boys of age 7 and above.

Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike has a total weight of 11.8kg making it easy to carry without stress. Your son can surely lift it to and from the road without difficulty.

The package arrives to you after purchase 90 percent assembled with body frames, gears, pedals, seat posts, wheels, brakes and other accessories built in. You will only need to do a minor 10 percent compilation of the body parts which will include minor things like inflating the tyres and other little activities.


  • Features – 93%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  The Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike Is Perfect For My Little Boy.”


Customer Satisfaction

The Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike is a remarkable cycle that ensures safety, relaxation and adventurous fun for little champs. It is specially fabricated adequately for boys of age 7 and above – with modification features to accommodate different height specifications.

All body parts of this bicycle are proven error free and are notably durable. Once you are through with final assembly, you will have a fully compact and rugged mountain bike ready to cruise on all terrains.

After purchasing and getting the set, you should unload the body parts from the package and begin the process of final assembly. Customers have in the past praised the stress-free nature of assembling the body parts after buying.

After all, it comes 90 percent assembled already. They just love the glossy red finish the Gladiator bike comes with – it looks really striking.

The rugged and robust hi-tensile steel frame of the Ammaco Gladiator 20-inch Boys Mountain Bike makes it long lasting for so many years. There will be no need to worry while your son cycles; because he is certainly using a reliable brand.

Its comfortable saddle and strong seat post provides good balance for the young cycler even on bad roads. The new gladiator boy’s bike will offer an amazing, fun-filled exploratory cycling experience to your courageous young boy.

Common Questions

Are the pedals on this bike freewheel?

Yes, the Ammaco new boy’s bike comes with freewheels. Your boy will freely pedal the system with the upmost safety guaranteed.

What is the weight of this bike?

This Gladiator Boy’s bike weighs 11.8kg, making it lightweight, considering the fact that it is made for bigger boys of 7 years and above. It can be easily lifted by boys within this age-range.  Keep your bike safe with our article on Kryptonite bike locks

Final Verdict


The bike features a solid hi-tensile steel frame that is tough and long-lasting. This striking red finished bike is beautiful and offers great fun and adventure to all youngsters.

It is a mountain bike is particularly fitted with MTB tyres with 6 speed gears and gear levers for a faster level ride through hilly uneven roads, and plane terrains. A smooth transition from normal single speed to multi-speed is ensured.

This offers good quality for every dime spent on purchase. Boundless fun and adventure lies in wait for your courageous youngster – get it for him now.

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