There can be no searching for the mountain bike especially designed for the young girls who loves adventure. The Ammaco Eclipse Girls 24″ Wheel Mountain Bike will satisfy the needs of those specific customers.

The bike is specially designed for those girls who fall into the age criteria of 8+. It is a 6 speed gear system bike acquainted with a light weight frame for good balance and management.

The purple colour gives a neat look and a fine finish for the product thereby making the bike attractive. This mountain bike will definitely be a good choice for the young adventurous girls those who love not only mountain biking but also trekking.

As a matter of concern, it is the best time for the girls to grab the bike and just conquer the mountains. Just go get them.


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The  Ammaco eclipse girls 24 wheel mountain bike review comes in with a light weight alloy frame thereby making the frame rust resistant and durable. The tensile strength can also be known from the high tensile forks associated with the 6 speed Japanese technology assisted shimano gear systems.

The gear systems provide a smooth and effective movement of the cycle without any revocations. Further the gear systems enable the rider to alter the speed effectively according to the efficacy of the rider herself.

Apart from that, the gear shifter from the same Japanese technology provider shimano for smooth gear shifts without any strains and stress.

This will definitely provide a smooth roll over and just makes the ride calm and composed yet strategic and adventurable. Further the braking systems are just to the finest as it is fitted with the powerful Alloy V brakes in both Front and the Rear wheel.


Braking System


Thus the Ammaco eclipse girls 24 wheel mountain bike  braking systems will be just classy, technological, powerful and effective. The light weighted alloy wheel rims present in the bike creates durability in the wheels to tackle the hardness of the mountain terrain.

Other than that, the alloy wheels are rust resistant and hence can be rode over the small river bodies or ponds or running streams or any sort of water flows without any restrictions.

The size of the wheel is 24” and the wheel frame size will be 13 inches and the weight of the mountain bike will be 11.9 kg which is a liftable weight for a girl of prescribed age. And the semi raised bar just provides an awesome look and support.

The Ammaco eclipse girls 24 wheel mountain bike is engineered up to 90 percent and needs only 10 percent as a final assembly. The purple colour of this mountain bike gives a contrast and attractive look and so this bike is just awesome enough to choose.

Customer Satisfaction


It would be definitely satisfying for buying the Ammaco Eclipse Girls 24″ Wheel Mountain Bike as they are constructed according to the customers’ needs and aspirations.

Further being targeted to the specific reach of customers, say for girls beyond the age range of eight and above, this will be a definitely a good choice.

Firstly the colour of the  Ammaco eclipse girls 24 wheel mountain bike  is Purple which is just amazing to have one, secondly the gear systems and the gear shift systems which is just the Japanese technology that assists the rider to ride it smooth irrespective of the terrain conditions.

The alloy wheels and the rims provide a durable and rust resistant mechanism which will make the ride fun and enthusiastic and being open without any restrictions.

The brakes which are made of alloy which is the alloy V braking system is present in the front and the rear wheels providing an effective braking. In short, the mountain bike just suits itself up to the hard use as it is designed in that way.


Common questions


Is the Ammaco eclipse girls 24 wheel mountain bike suitable for boys?

The Ammaco eclipse girls 24 wheel mountain bike review is specifically designed for the girls of age group 8 and above and hence it may not suit boys. The systems upgraded in the cycle may be equal to the needs generated by the boys but this mountain bike is specifically aimed for adventurous girls. It may not be completely hesitated but the boys can also use it certainly until they may reach some age of maturity.

Is there any battery and motor fitted to the mountain bike?

No, the Ammaco eclipse girls 24 wheel mountain bike does not contain any battery and the motor system to give additional power to the biking.

As it was constructed for the girls of age 8+, there is certainly no need of such battery systems to be fitted as they (the riders) may not be accustomed to the usage of battery powered bikes. This mountain bike might be a beginning for them to get accustomed so that later on they can handle battery and motor fitted bikes. You may like to read our article on Kryptonite bike locks article





  • Ammaco-eclipse-girls-24-wheel-mountain-bike-review  is light weighted alloy frame mountain bike with greater durability.
  • Front and rear alloy V braking system for better braking performance.
  • Shimano gear and revo shift gear shifters.

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