The trekkers have got a chance to grab one of the finest and perfectly engineered trekking bikes which will be the best pick among the other bikes in the world.

The Ammaco Desire Mens 700c Wheel Alloy 21″ Frame 21 Speed Hybrid Bike & Pannier Rack Black will be the best trekking bike as it comes with many inextricable features thereby facilitating the trekker to enjoy the ride.

There are bikes that are meant for both mountain riding and trekking and said to be operative enough in all odds but the bike constructed for especially trekking in this one.

This bike is especially for men and just a manly thing to ride out with style and classy enough visually. This bike is the best pick for those who want to enjoy the ride equally to the teenagers with neglecting of some dashing colours and forceful look just to show off.

This bike provides equal power and performance of the dashing teenager bike with neat and classy look. So, in short it is the bike for those gentlemen rider who wants to keep up the suit but also wants an adventure ride. Obviously, this is the time to grab this one gentlemen.

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The most important aspect of the trekking bike should be its quality infrastructure and the infrastructure of the Ammaco Desire Mens 700c Wheel Alloy 21″ Frame 21 Speed Hybrid Bike & Pannier Rack Black is just awesome.

Firstly the Frame of the bike is specially designed as the alloy used here is just heat treated and constructed alloy frame that is designed to retain any shocking impacts and to prevent it from wreckage and dislocation.

The Mudguards are unique and full length and prevents the dirt to be jizzed over the rider or those coming at the backside creating embarrassment. The bike comes with the carrier which many trekking or mountain riding bikes would be having.

The bike contains 21 Shimano gear system which is similar to the teenager style riding bikes in which they will be having these shimano gear system to manage the speed.

The Shimano gear system helps in maintaining the speed according to the wish of the controller more effectively and hence it will be handy for those riders. The Prop stand present in the bike will be a good support for the bike at rest. The Shimano rapid fire gear levers present in the Matte Black colour gives the bike a unique look and it helps in the manage the gear system.


V Braking


The Alloy V type braking gives the bike to stop the bike more effectively and to create accidents. Further it is for size 700c wheel that is best suitable for the bike. The tyre and the braking system should be made for each other to prevent a skiddy or slippery riding. In that aspect both of them are just made for the bike instead.

The Alloy wheel rims are of light weight and it measures 21 inch. This is affordable for this bike and meets the suitability conditions. Thus the bike through its analysation is perfectly engineered and target a particular group of gentlemen but it is also fits others also.

Customer Satisfaction


Ammaco Desire Mens 700c Wheel Alloy 21″ Frame 21 Speed Hybrid Bike & Pannier Rack Black is made for the people who want to be classy enough and not to show off more or to impress others.

This bike is constructed for persons who want to be neat but also to be adventurous. In short a disciplined and royal trekking experience can be got through this bike.

The features present in the system satisfy the criteria needed for these persons and this is the best pick for those people who want to follow the gentleman style.

The mudguards, the back seater or the carriers, the gearing system and especially the matte black gear lever, all of them proves this to be a royal one and the two wheeled Rolls Royce to be ride upon.


Common Questions


Is it suitable for Teenagers?

Of course, it is suitable for teenagers who love to be classy and royal and those teenagers who want to be inspirational and effective. This is suggestive for gentleman but it cannot be said that it is only for those royals. Everyone can ride this bike but the way the buyer look or thinks matters. Other than that, this is the best choice for any age group.

Will it be tolerable for a mountain riding?

Certainly, it is tolerable for a mountain riding. The carrier in the backside of the bike might be the focal point of the question but yes, it can be used for mountain riding, but the cycle is aimed on trekking purpose. So the life of the cycle may last longer if the purpose alone is satisfied.

Will the Brakes be damaged on sudden braking?

The brakes have been constructed according to the tyre format and hence can manage of the shock and frictional pressure created by the tyres over the brakes. It will not be damaged so easily and can retain multiple braking’s. Read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.




·         Ammaco Desire is especially for trekking thereby created for an aimful purpose.

·         The Matte black gear levers, the gear systems add a unique source of code for the bike to be selected.

·         With a royal look makes Ammaco Desire Mens 700c Wheel Alloy 21″ Frame 21 Speed Hybrid Bike & Pannier Rack Black a best choice to be bought and it stands unique from any other trekking bikes.


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