Are you looking for a classic and durable bike for your daughter? Do you want to surprise your daughter with a present? Sweet 16 is the ideal bike, suitable for your daughter.

The bright colours of this bicycle will be great for your daughter. The bike will make your daughter have all the fun that she has always dreamt about and also get prepared for riding bigger bikes as she continues to grow up. Buy the Ammaco Cutie 16’’ Girls Bike for your daughter and help her to create good childhood memories.


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The bike has a hi tensile-steep low step over frame. This design makes it easier for the young girl to mount and dismount the bike without requiring too much effort. The step-over frame causes the child to be able to use the bike without asking for assistance.

The Ammaco Cutie 16’’ Girls Bike also has a fully enclosed chain guard making the girl safer this way. If the chain guard isn’t attached, the chances of it getting loose are very high, and if this happens, the child might get injured.

Ammaco Cutie 16’’ Girls Bike has matching blue handlebar grips. The matching grips help the girl to hold in position for support. The matching colours will make the little girl get attached to the bike since girl’s love colours.

This bicycle is very light,10.3kgs to be precise. The bike is designed in that way to ensure that the girl doesn’t find it difficult to move it around. For her to go for a ride, she needs to get the bike outside the house; If the bike is too heavy, it, therefore, means that she will have a tough time asking for assistance whenever she wants to have some fun with her bicycle

The bike comes 90% complete and requires final assembling which is quite easy to do. You’ll only need some few minutes to assemble the bike, and your daughter will have it ready for hill climbing and fun riding with her friends.

What makes it easy to fix the bicycle is the fact that it comes with assembling tools and a manual where you are just supposed to read and follow the simple instructions.

The bike has a woven basket. The basket is handy to the young girl. Girls like carry things around, the woven basket will help her to bring her bag, her books from school and even her packed lunch. She can also put her play games there and carry to the field and have fun with her friends.



Customer Satisfaction


The Ammaco Cutie 16’’ Girls Bike is an ideal bike for your young daughter. Its features are a clear indicator as the bike’s design is in a way that it makes it easier for the young girl to have fun and use the bike without asking for help with the bike from anyone.

She can carry the bike and take inside the house after a drive; she can also hold herself in position on the handlebars for support, and it’s even comfortable for her to mount on the bike without nagging you for help.

The fact that the chain guard is well enclosed will always make you know that your kid is safe. It’s worth every penny as it will make your daughter very happy as well.




Common Questions


Will my child be safe while riding this bicycle??

Yes, the child is very safe when using the bicycle. All that you need to do is caution her on the things that she shouldn’t do while riding. We all know that kids are playful everywhere, they can play near the fire, near rivers without seeing the dangers that might befall them. It is therefore advisable to you as a parent to inform your child on what to or what not to do while riding.

Can my child use the bike on a rainy day?

Yes, the bike is ideal for use under any climate conditions. The only thing that will prevent your child from using it on rainy days maybe is because you wouldn’t want to expose your child to such a harsh climate as they might get sick. Otherwise, the bike is good enough to use in any weather conditions,

Is the bicycle durable?

Your daughter will ride on that bicycle until she outgrows it. It is a very durable model. She can use it on hills and even on rough terrain, and it’ll remain in good shape.

Is the bike easy to use?

Yes, the bicycle is very easy for your daughter to use. It is designed in a way that she can learn to use it faster and on her own. Read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.






  • The Ammaco Cutie 16’’ Girls Bike is safe for a young girl to handle.
  • The woven basket helps the young girl to carry her items with her.
  • Ammaco Sweet 16’’ Girly Bike is light and therefore ideal for a young girl’s use.

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