You are out there looking for a mountain bike you want for yourself or your loved one but you are clueless as regards the one that will suit the purpose for which you intend to buy it.

If what you are looking for is a bike for off-road cycling, then you are looking for a mountain bike because mountain bikes are designed with incorporate features to enhance their performance and durability in rough terrains.

Nevertheless, the question is which of the mountain bikes in the market will provide you the features that will adequately satisfy you desires. Just save yourself the headache, go for Ammaco Colorado 26″ Wheel Front Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike.

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Ammaco Colorado 26″ Wheel Front Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike is a bike that comes with remarkable features that offers it outstanding performance among other mountain bikes.

This bike comes with heat-treated lightweight but firm alloy hardtail frame that is robust and resistance to harsh weather and corrosion giving the bike a rigid rear. The alloy hardtail frame makes the bike excellent at climbing, efficient at pedaling and the best choice for cross-country riding and trail center riding.




In addition, the mountain bike features Zoom front suspension forks consisting of hydraulic shock absorbers which allow a dynamic movement that helps to absorb the jarring impact of rough terrain giving the rider a more comfortable ride.

It also comes with 21-Speed full Shimano gears as well as Shimano revoshift gear levers which give the bike an upgraded efficiency.

It has more powerful front and rear V-type brakes with both lower gear ratios for climbing up a steep terrain and higher gear ratios for going down a steep terrain. The wheel rim is made of lightweight alloy with rugged tire covering making it able to withstand challenging terrains. The frame and wheel sizes are 23 inches and 26 inches respectively.



Customer Satisfaction


The design and built of Ammaco Colorado 26″ Wheel Front Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike give it perfect features that make it fit for cycling across diverse rough terrains and for cross-country riding.

The powerful gearing system, the alloy hardtail frame, the durable wheels and the knobby tires make it suitable for ridding on mountain trails, fire roads, single-track, and other unpaved surfaces as well as climbing up and going down steep terrains.

Its heavy-duty built combined with the stronger and wider rims and tires make this bicycle suitable for urban riders and couriers who must navigate through rough tracks consisting of potholes and curbs. This mountain bike is simple to assemble as it comes with 90% built.




Common questions


Is it a perfect match for mountain, rough terrain and cross-country riders?

Yes, this is why it is called mountain bike as its specifically designed with unequal robustness and evincing strength for riding across the mountain, rough tracks, steep terrains and for long distance rides.

Is it an easy and comfortable ride?

Yes, if you consider its features, you will be convinced that apart from its robustness comfort is also put into consideration while designing the bike. It is well designed such that the rider travelling through rough terrains and long distances across countries will enjoy their trip and have comfortable riding experience.

Is it simple to assemble?

Yes it is simple to assemble because it comes with 90% built on delivery.

What if there are missing parts on delivery?

Though this is a rare case but if there are missing parts, it can be easily resolved by calling the delivery team or contact the customer support. I am very sure their professionals will come and fix the error right away.

Does this bike come with warranty?

Yes, it comes with warranty and money back guaranty, so you have to discuss these conditions with the seller.

Is there any advice or cautions for using the Bike?

Ammaco Colorado 26″ Wheel Front Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike is a rugged bike but you will have to put up a bit of maintenance habit so as to enjoy it for a reasonable period of time.

Wash and dry the bike immediately after every trip, and lubricate all the necessary parts before storage. Before taking the bike out for any trip, always run regular checks on every fitted part to ensure that none is loose; and if there is any issue you cannot handle, call for a professional service. Check out our review of the Kryptonite bike locks.






  • Compared with other mountain bikes, it is one of the best and affordable mountain bikes that a consumer can buy without regrets.


  • Taking the design and the great features of this bike into account, it surely worth its price.


  • Ammaco Colorado 26″ Wheel Front Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike is specially designed for men; it is for those who love riding through mountains, those who travel through rough terrains and for cross-country/long distance riders.


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