Ammaco Classique Dutch Style Heritage 26-wheel bike Review

Nothing Compares to the Simple Pleasure of a Bike Ride”

If you’re looking for a new bike that has some great customer testimonials. Then look no further.

First of all, the Ammaco Classique Dutch Style Heritage 26-wheel bike comes with a quality frame, a comfortable saddle and a set of wheels that will help you burn through those miles.

Whether you’re looking for a bike that’s brilliant to take down to the local shops, to go and see the grand children or a ride round your local park. You may have found the bike for you.

Furthermore, the Ammaco Classique Dutch Style Heritage 26-wheel bike has some top-quality features only normally found in more expensive bike.

Consequently, offering fantastic value without braking the bank.

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Benefit/ Features


Colour: comes in a classic black colour. A high quality finish that is easy and quick to wipe down after a commute.


Frame: Designed with a step over steel frame 16” that is easy to hop on and off. A steel frame is ideal to support the rider across different types of terrain.

In addition, a step over frame gives the rider an upright riding position that great for sustaining good posture and visibility of the surroundings.


Handle bars: Dutch handlebars that also support he riders up right riding position. Ideal for commuting in the city where good visibility is vital


Gears: Shimano revoshift twist grip levers, A well- known brand making top quality bike components.  Allowing the rider to easily and safely change the pace of the The Ammaco Classique Dutch Style Heritage 26-wheel bike.


V Brakes: Ammaco have ensured that the Classique Dutch comes with a set of responsive and quality brakes. Recommended before every commute to test the brakes to makes ure they are working correctly.


Mudguards: Full metal mudguard that are good to tackle any unnecessary spray from the road. Consequently, keeping you and the Classique Dutch. No one wants to go round your local town not looking your best


Wicker Basket: Great for carrying all your shopping safely and securely, its surprising how much you can fit in.


Saddle: Ammaco Classique Dutch Style Heritage 26-wheel bike comes with a comfortable saddle will allow you  to ride for longer without worrying about a sore bottom.

Alloy Wheels: Lightweight Alloy wheels will no doubt turn draw some attention. You will be riding In style around your local town. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot more people stopping asking about your bike.

The wheels have a good grip that will help the rider with their commute.

Customer Satisfaction

Affordable and a Quality Bike. You will love riding down to local your local shops

The Whicker Basket is so good for carrying my shopping in.

My commute to work is now my favourite part of the day


Great Value & Reliable

5 Star Customer Reviews

Classic Dutch Style.

Front & Rear Mudguards


 A bike that’s not very expensive can seem that’s its not going to be good quality. The Ammaco Classique Dutch Style Heritage 26-wheel bike has is a quality bike at a fraction of the cost.

Common Questions

How heavy is the Bike?

Fully assembled, the bike weighs roughly 15 Kgs

What can I use the Ammaco Classique Dutch Style Heritage 26 wheel bike for?

Classique Dutch has been designed specifically for women, and can be used for a variety of activities.

Such as riding to the shops, round the local park or for the commute to work.

Ammaco have ensured the bike can be used for multiple activities

 Does the bike come assembled?

The comes partially assembled and it may be worth getting a more experienced family member to help assemble the bike. The more hands, the better and quicker you will be able to go out and test ride your new ride.



PUNCTURE: There is going to be a time where you get a flat tyre. Learn how to fix a flat tyre with a puncture repair kit. You will be glad you took the time to learn how to repair your tyre.

ABC CHECK: Before any commute, you should learn the ABC check. Check there is air in the tyres, the brakes are working and there is enough oil in the chain. A great habit to get into.

SERVICE: Checking your Ammaco Classique Dutch Style Heritage 26 wheel bike is in good shape should be done on a regular basis. You will be able to spot if any damage has been caused that may need some care and attention

HELMET: Keeping money left in the budget for a good quality helmet is a must. Always make sure that’s your happy with the fit and its comfortable. A Helmet is no good if you’re not wearing it.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a bike for a lady or a young princess then this may be the bike you have been looking for.

I hope you have found the article helpful and informative.

Great Customer Testimonials

Classic Dutch Style

Brilliant Value

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