Boys love their toys, and when we talk about younger boys they love their toys to look like those of boys elder to them. The first substantially big toy any kid gets in his life is his bike.

When you set out to look for your boy’s dream bike, you want it to be sturdy, safe, under budget and something which suits your kid’s personality. Ammaco bolt boy’s grey MTB bike is the answer to all your worries.

This budget bike will allow your little off-roader to feel as if he is riding an adult bike. Watch your junior’s confidence shoot up while riding this bike.


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Built with 11” light weight alloy frame, Ammaco bolt 18 boy’s grey MTB bike , is the right choice for your young one. A total weight of 11.7kg only, makes this bike really your child’s play.

But being light weight doesn’t compromise with the structural durability of the frame. To smoothen out the obstacles in your son’s path, this bike comes equipped with zoom front suspension fork. Their presence helps in creating unforgettable riding experience for your kid.

The handling properties of this bike are further enhanced with lightweight alloy wheel rims, which enable your son to attain a good supervised speed. Talking of speed, this bike is fitted with 6 speed shimano gears having shimano revoshift gear levers.

These specialized gear systems ensure a swift gear switch for your kid. Along with this, ammaco bolt boy’s grey MTB bike has semi-raised handlebars to provide a comfortable riding experience.

The Ammaco bolt 18 boy’s grey MTB bike  also contains powerful braking system. It has v-types front and rear brakes ensuring a safer ride.

18” wheel size provides this bike with the right balance for any off-road ride your kid might decide to go on. With an overall appearance resembling that of an adult bike, ammaco bolt boy’s grey MTB bike is a sure hit with your young ones.

Its grey color finish with some streaks of red and white elevates the appeal making it pleasing to eyes.


Customer satisfaction


Ammaco bolt 18 boy’s grey MTB bike , is the perfect pocket friendly pick for the apple of your eye. This bike would make him feel like a responsible adult.

An optimum option for any boy above 6 years of age, this bike has a lightweight alloy frame making it easier for the kid to take it for a ride. Its 11” frame is suitable for an average 120cm height kid.

This bike comes in a box packing and around 90% of it is already assembled. Any competent person with bike can easily put together the pieces, do a little fine tuning, and the bike is ready to hit road.

Front zoom suspension fork and v-type braking system ensures a smooth and safe ride. Wheels are 18” in size along with light weight alloy rims further improving the bike’s handling.

Having all the high-end features, good quality durable material, this bike is still under budget. How amazing is that?



Common questions


Is this bike suitable for my 7-year-old kid?

The Ammaco bolt 18 boy’s grey MTB bike is just perfect for a 7-year-old kid. With an 11” frame, it’s comfortable with any average height kid around the mentioned age. A kid who prefers treading on hilly terrains is going to love this bike.

It says light weight, is this bike still durable?

Yes, it is. Ammaco bolt 18 boy’s grey MTB bike is built with really good quality material crafted with care keeping their longevity in mind. You don’t even have to sweat too much in servicing it. A bit of tuning and turning and this bike is ready any off-road your kid wishes to experience.

Is this bike safe for my kid?

Being a parent, you always worry about your kid’s safety and security. Our bikes are made keeping your concern in mind. To ensure a safe riding experience, the bike comes equipped with v-type braking system and zoom front suspension fork.

Comfort is added with semi raised handlebars. Before your kid takes the bike around for a spin, it is always better to check that all parts of the bike are fitted properly. All nuts and bolts tightly housed in their destined places.

Giving a check does not mean that the bike’s parts once fitted properly tend to loosen, it is just for your own assurance and prevention of any mishap. Look after your bike with our article on Kryptonite bike Locks.




  • Similar to an adult’s bike in looks and features, the Ammaco bolt 18 boy’s grey MTB bike is perfect for your little kid.
  • All the spectacular features come in a budget friendly buy.
  • Requiring minimal assembly, it is up and ready to go in very short time.


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