Activ by Raleigh Spectre best mountain bike brand

Review Summary:

First of all, the full suspension bike by Active  one of the best mountain bike brand users have given it three and a half stars on Curiosity got the better of me, and I had to experience it first hand. I can attest that the Dual Suspension System on this mountain bike is right at the top of its class. Consequently the features in the full suspension bike  Activ by Raleigh Spectre were hard to beat as it has the best combination of features and price point.

A Mountain Bike that has some fantastic Customer Testimonials. Highly Recommended
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Features and Benefits

  • Standard Frame of 18″. The suspension frame is at 18 inches to suit everyone.
  • Steel Frame. The frame is made from high quality steel for the longevity of use.
  • Dual Suspension System. Dual suspension systems enable the rider to enjoy a smooth ride even when on rough and uneven roads
  • Shimano 18 speed gears. The 18 gears allow the rider vary the speeds to match the terrain and activity.
  • Rear and Front V Style Brakes. This braking system is the best for all types of terrain as they do not fail no matter the degree of inclination.
  • Steel Front Forks. The front forks offer strength and sturdiness to the bike ensuring that no bumps on the road can cause damage to the bike.
  • Steel Handlebars. The steel handlebars, besides offering strong support to the bike, also enable perfect balancing owing to their symmetric nature.
  • Steel Handlebar Stem. The handlebar stem, which is made of steel, works alongside the rest of the frame to offer top-class durability.
  • Twist Grip Gear Changer. The twist grip gear changer allows one to quickly shift through the gears without straining

Customer Satisfaction:

In conclusion With nearly a 100 customer testimonials, the Raleigh is one of the best mountain bike brands.  “I have purchased this bike in January and I have been through all type of terrain and its been fantastic. The only negative is that the seat is standard and not very comfortable for long journeys.

I would highly recommend buying a gel cover as its extra padding works wonders. The bike comes party assembled and only took me and my son 20 minutes to assemble. In addition you may have to adjust the brakes like with any bike. I originally bought the bike to get fit and was on a tight budget and I am over the moon with it.


  • It is very comfortable owing to the Dual Suspension System which guarantees a smooth ride even in bumpy conditions.
  • Using the V style brakes has the best braking experience that does not fail or require too much in maintenance.
  • No worry to the durability of the bike as its steel frame is highly durable.
  • The 18 speeds that the bike can manage ensure that the bike handles all types of terrains.
  • It is easy to shift the gears as the shifter can be accurately manipulated even with wet or dusty hands.


  • The small assembly required is not easy for all.

Why Should You Buy

Furthermore one ride on the full suspension Activ bike by Raleigh best  mountain bike brand Activ Spectre will convince you that this is the mountain bike of choice.  Lastly no matter the type of road.  As a result this bike will handle it better than any other bike you have tried by now. That is a guarantee.

Frequentl Asked Questions

Is the full suspension bike   Activ by Raleigh best  mountain bike brand Activ Spectre Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike – Black, 18 Inch suitable for Children?

Firstly, as long as your kids can ride any full-sized mountain bike.  they will have no trouble with the full suspension bike  Activ by Raleigh Spectre Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike. Consequently they will love it.

Can I use the Activ by Raleigh Spectre Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike – Black, 18 Inch for conveyance?

Secondly, The full suspension bike  Activ by Raleigh Spectre Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is great for taking adventures. This mountain bike, however, is not meant for town conveyance. Not that it cannot do the work. It is just that it works best on rough terrain, not for speedy uptown lanes.

Who do I call if I have problems?  Raleigh is more than ready to offer any help one needs from assembling to fitting it with new tires to replacing worn out parts (when it comes to that).


Firstly, the  full suspension bike by Activ  steel frame will ensure that it does not easily bow to pressure exerted by the terrain.

Finally, the parts are also sturdily fitted together to eliminate any chances of breakage or looseness.

Secondly, No matter the terrain, this bike will make light work of it. Having tested it on rough terrain, in mud and on paved roads, the bike’s results were nothing less than impressive.

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Thirdly, using the Activ by Raleigh one of the best mountain bike brands Spectre  is a joy on any road. When I put it to the test on a rough mountainous road, it was easy to control the direction, speed and the balance.

The braking was also superb.I gave it a try in muddy conditions and concluded that it is meant to last. The Dual Suspension System does a great job of ensuring that the frame absorbs the shocks from the ground leaving the rider to focus on the road ahead.

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