Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike

Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Rigid Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Rigid Mountain Bike



Steel Frame

18 Shimano Gears

V Brakes


Customer Satisfaction

An Impressive Three And Half Star Customer Rating


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A Whopping 150 Customer Testimonials & 30 + Common Questions Answered

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Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike

The Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid entry level mountain bike  – Black, 19” is made out of solid steel. The overall construction makes it reliable for rough terrains. The specs are basic for a Mountain Bike, but they are perfect for any us

Rated one of the top 10 mountain bikes in 2016-Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike, today we are going to review the Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike

19″ frame made out of steel.

Mountain Bike Design.

Steel Forks, rigid.

18-speed gears, Shimano style.

Gear shifters of twist grip style.

Rim Wheels build out of alloy.

V-Breaks on both wheels.

Leg size between 73.5 and 86 cm.



Benefits & Features

The Main Benefits Of The Raleigh Flyte II

The low price for a mountain bike makes it a superb choice for people who want to get a cheap but reliable mountain bicycle they can upgrade later. On this review, we will analyze deeper all the features of the Raleigh Flyte II Mountain Bike to give you an overall idea on what you can get from it.

The Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It has an overall review of 3.5 out of 5, and most comments highlight the following:

  • Best price.
  • Solid construction.
  • The handlebar grip shifters are very comfortable.
  • Shimano system works very well.
  • The 18-speed gear system is very useful for most terrains.

The main shortcomings of the Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike

  • The assembly takes two people, However it does come with a detail instruction manual and .should take no more than 15 minutes
  • The saddle is standard and can be uncomfortable on those long journeys. Its highly recommended that you buy a gel saddle in order to maximise your comfort while riding.

On the following lines, we will talk deeper on how to avoid the shortcomings of the Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike .

Bike Assembly


The manufacturer of the Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike says it is simple to assemble. Indeed, some pieces come partially assembled. However, the front wheel, handlebars, pedals, and saddle are not there, and of course, you cannot use it without some previous work.

It has a manual with instructions, but you are not warned of the tools you need to assemble it correctly. If you don’t have a complete toolset, then it is recommended that you take it to a bike shop, but it will add between 15 and 50 dollars to the overall cost, making it much more expensive than expected.

If you want to avoid assembling issues, it is best if you go to a retail store and get it assembled for you. However, you might not take advantage of the excellent deals you can find online. Even if you get an assembled bike, you should add oil to the chain and do an overall security check before using it.



The seat is uncomfortable, and if you had a previous bike, then you will notice even more. It has no suspension springs, and that makes it difficult to ride on rough terrain. In the end, it is convenient to change the saddle if you are using the bike regularly or on very rough terrain. Furthermore you don’t have to do it immediately, and the cost can be deferred to a later time.



Upgrades are a way to make this bike even better. The Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike has a rigid frame that makes it perfect for upgrades. You will keep the best of the bike (the frame) and can, later on, add more features to make it better.

The first advancement you should think of is the seat. As we said in the previous section, a more comfortable seat will make it much better, particularly if you plan to ride for a long time.

Other useful things you can add to this bike is the bottle holder. It has enough space in the frame, and you will find it useful for extended runs. A night light is also suitable if you are up to biking in the dark, and you should think of some reflective stickers too

  • features – 95%
  • value for money – 75%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” The Hundred And Fifty Customer Testimonials Speak For Themselves. The Raleigh Flyte II Is A Brilliant Buy” Ray

Final Verdict

Firstly, it is a good alternative that will help them learn. Most bikes of similar characteristics will cost more. If you want to find a cheap alternative and do not mind upgrading later, or if you are not a fan of long biking runs, then the Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike is for you.

Furthermore the Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men’s Rigid Mountain Bike is one of Amazon best selling mountain bike for a reasons its great value for money with some fantastic customer testimonials.

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Common Questions

I am 6 ft tall, is the 18″ frame too small?  “I am 5 “11 and the bike frame is big enough.”

What is the weight of the bike? “Its 15Kgs.” I am over 16 stone and it holds me.

Do I have to assemble the Raleigh Flyte II myself? “It comes partly assembled, it has a detailed instruction manual and should take no more than 20 minutes.”

How safe is the bike?  “Its as safe as any other mountain bike, make sure you put it together correctly and go for a test run.”

What Mudguards are compatible for the raleigh mountain bike Flyte ll?  “Raleigh mudguards are highly recommended

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