Bikes are one of the most adorable things desired by young kids. They enjoy a lot by riding on a bike as they explore new places and zoom past the wind. Bike riding is indeed a very delightful experience.

However, it also needs lot of energy and stamina to cover long distances. Particularly it tests your mettle when you wish to reach the top of a hillock. The road uphill poses a serious challenge and drains away the energy of the rider in many cases.

The joy of reaching the top evaporates somewhere while struggling to ride uphill and reach the top. In order to help out of such situations, the eBikes are serving as the right equipment.

Let us see how Extrbici XF660 fat bike cruiser mountain bike can help the riders and what it has to offer.


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Why buy a E Bike


EBikes are fast emerging as an alternative for other modes of transport. It is not possible for everyone to enjoy the joy of riding a bike as peddling the manual bikes is a strenuous job. It is usually suitable to kids, youngsters and adults who are physically fit.

Even they too can ride up to certain limit on proper roads. Uphill tasks and rough terrain will take away the enthusiasm from any rider. That is the reason eBikes have gained prominence these days.

While giving the comfort of a light weight bike to the rider, the eBike also has electric assistance to power up whenever the rider needs the support to move ahead.



The Extrbici XF660 Fat bike cruiser Mountain eBike is a very good product for using in challenging terrain or for venturing on long journeys. It has a powerful 500 watt motor to supply the power when the rider is tired or needs support.

The electric motor can propel the Extrbici XF660 fat bike up to a speed of 42 kmph. It has lot of benefits other than the electric support. It is made up of aluminum frame which keeps it light weight. It gives full control with the dual front and rear disc brakes.

It is capable of cruising in snow, beach or mountain areas. It will simply make you unstoppable. It has good suspension which will give the rider a pleasant ride by absorbing most of the shocks on uneven paths. It lets you either pedal or use the power mode.

There are seven speeds in manual riding where the rider can set the Extrbici XF660 fat bike according to his speed and terrain. Coupled with an all-road type fat tyres, the bike is all set to face any kind of terrain.



  • 500 watt energetic motor
  • Provides 48V 10.4 AH electric support
  • Extrbici XF660 fat bike comes with a Lightweight Aluminum frame
  • Durable all-road fat tyre
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 7 speed Manual Shimano Gear set
  • 3 speed settings for electric mode
  • Li-Ion battery Good suspension
  • Fast charging (5 hours)

Customer Satisfaction


Customers who have purchased the Extrbici XF660 cruiser cum electric bike have given many positive comments. They are very satisfied with the product. Many of them were pleased with the performance of the electric motor and quality of the bike.

The charging time and the distance travelled in a single full charge is impressive in the range. There were no major concerns reported on this Extrbici XF660 fat bike so far.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The Extrbici XF660 cruiser cum mountain bike is very helpful as it combines the joy of riding a bike and also assists the rider with the electric motor support, when he/she is not capable or strong enough to peddle on tough roads or difficult terrains.

The light weight of the bike helps it to move with good speed. The riders can travel in three modes in electric motor powered option as per the need and situation. It has all the required components in terms of strength, safety and comfort.

Commonly asked questions


What is the maximum speed achieved in electric mode?

The Extrbici XF660 fat bike can reach up to a speed of 42 kmph when the battery charge is adequate.

How long does the battery power support the bike? 

The electric mode can take you up to 30 to 45 kms based on the road conditions and terrain.

What is the technical capacity of the battery? 

The battery capacity is 10.4 Ah and generates a power of 48 V

Is it suitable for adults and what size people can ride it comfortably?

The Extrbici XF660 fat bike is made for adults. It has the capacity to pull an individual within the weight up to 150 kgs. People who are in the range of 5.6 to 6.5 feet height can ride the bile comfortably.  Check out our article on Kryptonite Bike  Locks.





We can conclude with full confidence that the Extrbici XF660 cruiser cum mountain bike is an excellent product. It has lot of features, standard equipment and the support of electric motor.

It combines style and utility to give out the best product to the customer. If you want to ride a well powered Mountain eBike and venture out on new trails, it is time to buy the Extrbici XF660 Mountain eBike.


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