Whenever you want to gift a good bike to your son, Boys/Childrens Muddyfox Idaho 24 Dual Suspension Bike would certainly be the best choice for you. These bikes are perfect for the children whose age is between 9 to 12 years.


These bikes have features that can be used quite easily by them. They are also quite safe and children can handle them very easily. This bike is available in a variety of good colors which make it highly popular among children.


When you will gift this to your child, he will surely be extremely happy.

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·         This is a 24 inches bike and can be used easily till your child reaches the age of 12 years.

·         This is a sports leisure bike with features that can be easily used by children.

·         Muddyfox Idaho 24 Dual Suspension Bike also uses wheels made up of alloy and the children can easily move this bike from one place to another.

·         The weight of this bike is also quite less and hence this is one of the reasons that makes this bike an ideal option for them.

·         There are also disc brakes present both in the front as well as at the back of this bike. These brakes allow them to handle all kinds of off road paths quite easily.

·         The gear that is used in these bikes is 21 inches speed shimano gearing and there is even a shimano revo shift present in these gears.

Customer Satisfaction


Most of the parents say that their children are extremely happy with the product. Boys/Childrens Muddyfox Idaho 24″ Dual Suspension Bike is a perfect start up bike and children can ride this bike quite easily.


Assembling this product is also quite easy and you can simply follow the user manual and assemble it. Moreover this product can be easily used for at least 3 years and there are slightest chances of your child not fitting into it if he is less than 12 years old.


This is also available in a variety of attractive colors and children are sure to love it. This cycle also makes children learn riding quite easily because the comfortable seats will make them spend a lot of time riding.


The brakes and the wheels are also designed in such a way that children do not face any issues handling them. This is undoubtedly one of the best bikes available for children.


Common questions


Is Boys/Childrens Muddyfox Idaho 24 Dual Suspension Bike a durable bike?

Yes this is a very durable bike and children can use it for a very long period of time. The components of this cycle are of an exceptionally high quality and hence the chances of them getting damaged is very less. In case you face any issues with the product you can surely get in touch with the manufacturer who will definitely provide you with the required assistance. Find out about theFactors to consider when buying a mountain bike.

·         Will my child outsize it soon?

This is a bike that can be used by children till the age of 12 years. Your child can continue using the product till he reaches the age of 12.

·         Will my child be able to handle the mechanisms?

Yes the bike has features that are very much suitable for use by children. You just need to explain the mechanisms to your child once and he will be able to easily handle it by himself. Moreover the brakes and the wheels are also such that the child will not have any problems handling them. Look after your bike withour bike security article.



Boys/Childrens Muddyfox Idaho 24 Dual Suspension Bike is a very popular bike and there are a number of children who use it in their learning years. The features of this bike make it an excellent option for children.

This bike is available in a number of attractive colors and this is one main reason for a number of children to get attracted towards them. Anyone who is still in a dilemma about whether they should or should not buy this bike going through the below mentioned points will surely be very useful:

·         This is a very durable bike at the most affordable rate. This is one bike which can surely bring a smile on your child’s face.

·         Both the brakes as well as the wheels can be operated by your child without taking help from anyone.

·         The features of this bike are appropriate for children and they can use those features without any problems.

These bikes have gained in a lot of popularity among children. Hence more and more people are buying it for their children. You should not miss this opportunity and should order this bike before the stocks are over.

But it is important that you get this bike from one of the best and the most authentic online stores available

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