Transportation has been a need and a recreation for man from times immemorial. While several automobiles, trains, flights and other kinds of transport system have evolved gradually, the love for basic means of communication has not changed over the decades.

Riding a bike has always been an exciting thing right from the childhood for many people. Even after growing up in to adults, the liking towards the simple riding of a bike never subsides.

Moreover, the joy of riding on a bike in a pleasant atmosphere is matchless. There are many bikes in the market to fulfill this wish to ride a bike.

Out of so many models of bikes available in the market, The 2015 Viking Avenue Folding Bike is one among the bikes which have stood out from the competition. Here we see what makes this Viking Avenue bike different from others and a better choice for you.

Why Buy the 2015 Viking Avenue Folding Bike?


The 2015 Viking Avenue Folding Bike  is one of the popular ranges of bikes made by Vikings. The Viking Avenue Folding bike is a good selection as it comes with a solid high tensile steel frame.

It can be folded partially and consists of a curved main tube. It has a transmission with six speeds. It has a technology known as intuitive twist shifting which assists the rider while shifting the gears.

The pedal and handle bar could be folded while moving it or when keeping it out of action. The bike weighs only 14.5 kgs and is durable enough to last for several years.

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The 2015 Viking Avenue Folding Bike is a light weight folding model along with being strong, durable and well equipped with the essential components. The bike is unique in some of its features such as folding.

The handle bar and right pedal can be folded when required for easy storage or transportation. Further, it has a unique intuitive twist shifting feature. It comes with light weight alloy rims, powerful alloy brakes, folding frame, Hi-tensile steel forks etc.

The Shimano 6 speed manual transmission is the best among its kind. It comes with a steel chain and a smoked chair cover. The bike has a comfortable saddle and a clamp which releases the seat instantly.



Strong Unisex tensile steel folding frame

High tensile forks

Mechanism for Quick release

Attractive Curved main tube

Foldable handle bar and right pedal

6 speed revoshift gear lever

Intuitive twist shifting

Rear Derailleur

Light weight body

Tough V-brakes

Standard Density grips

Comfortable saddle

Chrome seat post

Kick stand

Customer Satisfaction


Customers who have purchased this bike have said that they have liked the looks of the bike very much. Most of them said that they received compliments from others when they set out on this bike.

Few people felt that it is somewhat heavy when they tried to carry after folding it. However, it was opined in general that the weight was moderate and not a big issue to worry about. The customers gave positive feedback about the build quality, handling, braking and durability etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The 2015 Viking Avenue Folding bike has lot of advantages compared to other bikes in this range. First of all, its specialty lies in the attractive folding model which helps the riders to easily fold the frame and right pedal when they need to store or transport it to other place. It also has a quick release clamp which comes to aid when we wish to put it back to action.

The weight of the bike is reasonable though it has a tough hi-tensile steel body. It has speed-indexed 6 gears with an intuitive twist shifting which helps in better maneuvering. The front and back powerful alloy brakes and v-shaped levers are very effective. The weight of the bike seems a bit heavy when folded but it is not at all a concern when riding it.

Commonly asked questions


Is the 2015 Viking Avenue Folding Bike suitable for youngsters?

No. It is not meant for teenagers, but can be used by people above 18 years of age.

How much size can be reduced by folding it?

The handle bar and the right pedal of the bike can be folded when required. It lets the bike to be stored and transported easily.

Is the bike heavy to carry?

No. the bike is light weight, but the weight seems to increase a little when folded as the components of the bike come together. Check Out All our folding bike reviews





The 2015 Viking Avenue Folding bike is a very good looking bike which can impress the people around you. The model is quite contemporary and liked by majority of people. It is also tough, durable and effective.

It has good braking, firm handling and comfort in riding. Viking is a noted brand and well known for their quality products. So, one can go for this bike without any hesitation if they are looking for a stylish bike with good quality.

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