The Boys & Girls Brand New 2018 – 20” Python “Rock” Front Suspension Mountain Bike is a latest 2018 Edition among the Python collection with a robust and long-lasting design that is safe for riding on rocky and smooth roads.

You do not need to continue searching, if you’ve been longing to get a bicycle that is wonderfully strong, fortified with long-lasting features.

This will certify safety and fun for all boys and girls. Its body frame is stiff and durable for your daughter or son to use for so many years. Little youngsters and courageous champions instantly love this cycle, of course all children love bicycles. They are aware of the fact that it’s the best thing they have ever experienced – truly it is.


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The Boys & Girls Brand New 2018 – 20” Python “Rock” Front Suspension Mountain Bike is a mountain cycle with strong 7005 aluminum alloy frame and powerful python suspension fork.

With these features the bike strongly cruises through different roads, even though they are mountainous or smooth. Protection, ease and resilience are assured for young children all through their exploratory outings.

This brand new python cycle features Shimano Tourney 6 speed gears coupled with shimano revo levers shifters too. The child can easily move from lower speed to a greater speed with the aid of the gear and shifters. This bike also comes with Promax alloy V-brakes that ensures successful stop to all movement at any pace.

The steering system comes with oversized quill stem and alloy riser handlebars. This makes the bike adjustable to meet the height of children at different ages. The handlebars are securely positioned to ensure the comfort of the little one’s hands.

The safety and complete protection your dear child is ultimate during all exploratory cycling. With the powerful and effective brakes a harmless halt to motion is certain when the child uses it while riding.

It features strong durable tyres that comes with 2 free Schwalbe tubes that ensures the bike’s balance and firm grip to the ground while the youngster bikes. And it parades an MTB 2015 Python Junior seat.

Boys & Girls Brand New 2018 – 20” Python “Rock” Front Suspension Mountain Bike is very lightweight, it does really make sense to have a bike that’s even half the weight of the child. How can they lift it up when it is almost heavier them.

This bike is very light and easy for your child to lift in and out of the playground. All components come with one year warranty from the manufacturer that covers any defect in the materials.

Customer Satisfaction


The Boys & Girls Brand New 2018 – 20” Python “Rock” Front Suspension Mountain Bike is an outstanding bicycle that assures protection, comfort and daring fun for all youngsters.

It was carefully designed to suit all boys and girls of different age groups and height specifications because of its adjustable features. Every component of this bike is defect free and conspicuously strong and long lasting. When completely fitted, it comes together to form a compact size bicycle comfortable and easy for all kids.

The strong and durable aluminum alloy frame of the Boys & Girls Brand New 2018 – 20” Python “Rock” Front Suspension Mountain Bike ascertains it serves you and you lovely child for so many years.

You will definitely lose all anxiety knowing that your child is cycling with a trustworthy brand of bicycle. This product comes with very relaxing and safe saddle coupled with adjustable and durable seat post which will ensure that the child’s balance is maintained even when going through rough roads.

This is an astonishing, excitement-filled adventure on the leash for your young lad during every cycling experience.

Common Questions


Are the pedals on this bike freewheel?

Yes, the Python New boys and girls bicycle is freewheeling.

What is the weight of this bike?

This bike weighs about 11.7kilos. It is light enough for young children to carry around to the playground or the road.

My Child is 7 years old can he use it?

Yes it is well suited for all children as their second bike between the ages of 4 years and above.

Does it come completely assembled?

Almost all the parts are fitted already. You just have to do some minor coupling of the wheels and tires, the seat and other little things. Just use the manual and you will be fine.

Is this bike durable?

The major thing that determines the durability of a bike is the frame’s material. Aluminium is the best for long lasting bikes. This bike comes with aluminium alloy frame making it strong, comfortable and durable for your child. Take good care of your new bike with a good bike lock. Read our article  on Kryptonite bike locks.




  • The bike has a strong aluminium alloy frame that is rugged and durable. It has a compact size and pretty outlook that amazes all young children.
  • It is a mountain bike that is specially coupled with MTB seats with 6 speed shift gears to provide better riding performance through rough roads, and smooth places. Able to easily shift from lower to higher gears based on road condition.
  • This provides decent worth for each cent used in buying it. Unending excitement and exploration awaits your young champion, do not delay it.


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