18″ Schwinn Shine Girl’s Bike

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Steel Frame

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Lovely Design




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Schwinn Are A Respected Bike Brand


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18″ Schwinn Shine Girl’s Bike

This is an exciting bike designed for little girls aged between 5 and 7 years. It comes with a convenient design to fit the child’s proportions. For example, it uses rigid-tensile steel frame perfect for kids as it keeps the ride stable and smooth.


Overview of Schwinn SmartStart bikes


The Schwinn is a popular complete version of the bike geometry to make it more efficient to match a child’s body type. This means it is one of the most comfortable bikes ever. It gives the kids a chance to enjoy a comfortable, ideal riding position.

It is lightweight for ease of control and has a smaller grip diameter to accommodate their tiny hands. Another important section is the narrow pedal position to fit their small hips. This is not a mere small version of an adult bike but a specified edition to match the needs of your little one.


The SmartStart bike has fewer wobbles for the child as they learn how to pedal. This feature gives them more confidence and courage to pursue the skill and make the most use out of their time.

The learning process will, therefore, be easy and straightforward. The latest version comes with a new seat angle. It is raised to help reach the distance to the handlebar. This means that the bike will fit your child longer.

The Schwinn comes with a limited lifetime warranty as long as you retain ownership of the bike. That’s the quality promise from the brand, which keeps customers coming. This a perfect gift for your child because it will never lose its value but can be passed on to siblings



18″ Schwinn Shine Girl’s Bike

Adjustable, removable training wheels add stability while learning to ride

Age range: 5 to 7 years

Full coverage chain guard looks great and protects pant legs from any snags

Matching laser-printed seat and handlebar pad add style and flair

New Schwinn SmartStart geometry fits a child’s proportions

Rear coaster brakes provide strong stopping power

Rigid, high-tensile steel kids frame keeps the ride stable and smooth

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  My Daughter Is Over The Moon With Her 18″ Schwinn Shine Girl’s Bike . Jasmin

Why Should You Buy The Schwinn Shine

Schwinn was established in 1895 and has a long-standing reputation for more than a century as a leading brand. The founder, Ignaz Schwinn enforced the core values.

Since their first releases and renowned models such as the Phantom, the Stingray, and the Varsity, there have been continuous improvements without fail all through the years of its existence. It focused on riders of all ages and types to cater for the widest range in the population of customers. Both children and adults trust the brand to offer quality, durability, and value with their products.

Apart from the joy of learning how to ride, there are many other uses for the Schwinn include sharing great memorable moments with friends, and completing training sessions. You may also enjoy scenic trails with your little girl on a kid’s Schwinn. The innovations over the years have made it possible to produce the best bike. The engineers responsible have enhanced and simplified the riding experience for all generation of fans.


Bike Description


If teaching your little girl is scary for them, the appropriate bike design will address this issue. Having the right bike is the solution to making the entire training session easy and fun. If you want to introduce your shy daughter to riding, this bike is a kid-friendly alternative for the sidewalk.

It has been carefully designed to match the little one’s body type and make the entire riding episode a comfortable experience. Since most rival bikes are mostly small versions of adult bikes, they are incapable of offering the best positioning for comfort. For example, the grips are too large while the pedals too wide to be used by kids comfortably.

The designers of the Schwinn take these issues into consideration and come up with the best workable solution for all kids between 5 and 7 years of age.They, therefore, come with small grips to fit their hands and recalibrated gears for more power. To ensure less pedalling effort, the pedals have a reduced diameter.

The pedalling is streamlined for better leverage with reduced knee pressure and limited waddling. This means the little girl will not be complaining of too much work in their struggle to learn how to ride a bike.

Common Questions

Does the 18” Schwinn Shine Girl’s Bike come assembled?


The bike comes partially assembled and comes with an informative and helpful instruction manuel. Once assembled make sure you and your child are both happy with the bike and go on a little test run. Learning your child to cycle is an exciting time in your life and a massive mile stone in their life.


Is the Schwinn shine a durable bike?


Schwinn are a well-respected bike brand and only use the best materials and components when manufacturing the Schwinn Shine Girl’s Bike. Your child’s confidence will be boosted with a steel frame that is strong and durable in the event of a minor bump or scrape. The bike also comes with a set of training wheels will be brilliant when teaching your child to cycle.


What age is the bike suitable for?


The Schwinn Shine Girl’s Bike Is suitable for children between the age of five and seven.


What are the main cycling accessories?


The Schwinn Shine Girl’s Bike offers brilliant value so there will be plenty of money left in the budget for a good quality helmet. Always make sure your child is happy with the helmet and they have a part in choosing their head wear as they will be the one wearing it.

The best helmet in the world is no good if it doesn’t fit your child and they take it off the moment your back is turned. You can’t go wrong with comfortable clothing and a good pair of trainers

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